The coronavirus disease 2019 has, indeed, became a massive hindrance that halted multiple operations in the economy. The school was forced to close and as well as the potency of each company – most especially, enterprises that require to take the initiative outside. Because of this, the turn of events in the wealth and recourses of each country has also been affected. 

It has been overwhelming to those regions who have a high number of COVID-19 cases since the virus has been stopping all tasks that should be finished already and improved. Seeing that, if people continue to go to work and school, they will be then contaminated with infectious disease.

In view of the fact that the Corona Virus Disease 2019 is not just simple flu. Although those who are infected will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and still can recover without the need for special treatment. However, once a person who has a weak resistance, like older people and young ones, has been contaminated, those minor health problems will lead to serious ones – that can even cause fatality. Even those who already have basic medical dilemmas; such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and as well as cancer.

This is then the reason why death cases are increasing because of coronavirus.

As a result, schools and multiple companies are forced to close down.

Nevertheless, with all the technology that is available to utilize and as well as with the Internet that connects us. Many enterprises have considered taking advantage of these types of machinery and telecommunications to work from home and still can comply with the mandatory to capture voice call and monitor phone calls of their employees. 

Unfortunately, not all businesses have competent to fulfill their data protection regulations. Even if it is a must, considering it will make internal investigations and auditing on time to run smoothly.

To learn more about how to archive mobile SMS, voice calls, and WhatsApp calls and chats – especially during this pandemic, read the infographic below brought to you by TeleMessage: