How To Renew Lapsed Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

With all the upcoming new rules and regulations plus our own security, it’s important for everyone to get themselves covered with bike insurance, one of the more necessary sub-categories of general insurance today. General insurance basically covers homeowners and automobiles, which involves covering for losses that occur within a fixed tenure, unlike life insurance where policies last a lifetime. It’s always logical to get bike insurance and renew it in due time. But with so much going on in our busy life, we get confused or forget about paying due bills or renewing insurance on time. These insurance plans acts as a safeguarding measure against the expenses and hence, maintaining a consistent track record with regards to their renewal is important.

Without periodic renewal of our existing insurance plan, we are always at the risk of increased expenses, due to a lack of financial security and accidental cover. There are two ways of renewing your lapsed insurance, one is going to the office of your insurance company, asking them manually to renew your relapsed policy and the second one is doing it on your own through the company’s website. With technology at our fingertips, it’s also very easy to do in our own comfort zone with the help of our mobile or laptop. It saves time and energy that too without any hassles.

Here’s how you can renew your relapsed two wheeler insurance policy:

  1. Go to the website of the insurance company from whom you purchased your policy
  2. Select the option of renewal of the insurance, which should be available on the home page of the website, often found quite close to the “buy” option
  3. Fill in the details that are required in the form like registration number, insurance number and terms of insurance.
  4. Select a payment option for the insurance amount.
  5. Wait till all the information is processed and payment is completed.
  6. You will receive a mail or message informing you about your insurance policy’s renewal confirmation.

Some points have to be kept in notice for successful completion of policy renewal. Keep all the information ready and cross verify it before finally submitting. Payment mode is online so ensure that you have sufficient amount in the account. Provide correct information of your account to avoid any kind of hassles.

Different companies have different procedures associated with regards to the renewal process and the requirement of details. There might be slight variation, but basic steps remain the same. Doing it online makes it so much convenient and hassle-free. Always keep reminders and alarms for such important tasks to avoid hassles in future.