Know Everything About NASDAQ: EKSO For Better Understanding Of Its Stocks


Nasdaq always had the lion’s share in the United States’ stock market. Companies who have been getting their business in the internet and communication domain have dealt their stock shares in the Nasdaq investing. The investing hub is present since the 1990s. around 3000 websites are trading under the umbrella of Nasdaq. The trading websites show everything related to a company’s share. A person could visit their websites and know the reasons to invest in a particular share. One such firm which is working under the Nasdaq stock market is Ekso Bionics. Ekso Bionics deals in bionics providing different products to varied sectors. To know more about NASDAQ: EKSO at, pls continue reading below.

What is EKSO?

Ekso is an incorporation that deals as well as develop a human exoskeleton for several industries. These exoskeletons are used in sectors of the military, healthcare, etc. The company works into two parts, the first part deals with engineering services. The engineering segment uses the skills to perform research and develop bionics for different purposes. The second part is the medical. This segment manufacture exoskeletons for medical uses. The exoskeletons which are manufactured by the company are worn over the clothes of the user and help them do certain tasks that are not possible by the feeble human body.

Key details of Ekso stock

Ekso bionics deal in the sector of capital goods, delivering bionics to different industrial sectors. The stock exchange which holds the shares of the firm is the Nasdaq stock exchange. The market cap on its stock is 58942583 and the earnings per share are calculated to be -1.64 US dollars. The share prices of the stock are around 7.5 US dollars, with fluctuation of 0.5 US dollars showing the firm’s Lowest and Highest of the day. The stock market shows a share volume of around 30K for the stock normally. The average volume level is found out to be around 3778800.  The Highest and Lowest price of the share in a 52-week cycle was 19.05 US dollars and 2.25 US dollars. The date of the special dividend was on March 25, 2020.

Get real-market quotes for NASDAQ: EKSO, so you could buy or sell them and get the maximum profit out of them. Moreover, try to get some expert analyst ratings and financial reports of the firm for better insights. The above information about the stocks is subjective to the market and it might vary when you check the market. So, check the market before you invest or sell the stocks of the firm. You can do stock trading for this stock at trading app with day trading options. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.