Plans to be India’s Number one Paypal plans it big

Have you heard about PayWush? Well! the company is actually into money transfer since the year 2017. It is an online platform that helps people to send money to other parts of the world with ease and convenience. PayWush has a great ambition for itself. It actually aims at becoming India’s number one Paypal. Not only does it aspire to set a goal for itself, but it is also working consistently to achieve its aims and reach to that level where it will be synonymous with the phrase “online money transfer”. Send money with PayWush to know for yourself. on the growth

The company was just launched in 2017 but within this short span of time, it has been able to add to its client base five million customers with over three million doing regular transactions. Businessmen, of above thousand in numbers, have opened their account with There has been a growth of forty to fifty percent of customers over the months. Over one year the company has grown to eighty-five percent in the year 2019.

The features of  PayWush

Supported with state of the art technology, the platform has researched to find out what makes it easy for the users to interact on a mobile money exchange platform. After years of hard work, it has come up with its user-friendly customer interface which is just a matter of few clicks and works within a few minutes. One needs a maximum of five minutes to set an account. After linking the account to the debit card or a bank account, one can transfer the payment instantly from any region of the world. The process of transfer from one account to another takes approximately twenty-four hours.

Other than the ease of use, the interface has large accessibility facilities. It is accessible on laptop, desktop of mobile devices. is stressing on the mobile accessibility of the clients because mobile is the device that is easier to carry and portable in nature. It can be accessed from any corner of the world. The mobile interface is developing each day in the PayWush platform to keep the client hooked and satisfied.

The most surprisingly convenient aspect of is that it does not require the mobile number of its clients. The customers are requested to provide their e-mail ids while opening an account and that is sufficient for getting a account. This ensures the privacy of the clients.

The best feature is unrevealed yet! That is the safety and security of the accounts. PayWush dealings are highly encrypted from end to end. The encryptions not only goes for the customer details but also each dealing. Hence there is little chance of malappropriation of account and hacking.

All the efforts of PayWush are giving fruits by now. The company is fast expanding in South-East Asian countries and other parts of the world. It is fast becoming the ultimate choice for money transfer in the Indian sub-continent.