Top Best Cricket games for Android Users

Well, we all know that every single person in this world is one of the biggest fans of cricket sport. No matter how much your busy schedule is and how much buzz is happening in your life, you will never miss catching your favorite team cricket match. In some of the countries, cricket is not less than a religion for them whom they follow with the whole heart. Few countries have made their cricket teams in which we have India, Pakistan, Australia, and New Zealand. West Indies, England, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, and quite a few others have also their own teams.

World Cricket Championship 2

This has been one of the most top favorite cricket games which are getting famous in the android users. You will be finding this game to be filled with some advanced features which add up the whole game even much more amazing to play around all the time. It is based on a modern gaming interface in which you will be finding an ultra-edge review with a hot spot. This game has been added with some fantastic features in the medium of colorful graphics for cricket lovers.

Why Should you Play This Game?

This cricket game has been based on 24 different national teams, along with ten different domestic teams that love the most. The game is also offering the settings of 32 different stadiums, which make the whole game even much more worth to play around. You can pick your favorite team and your favorite stadium from the list. Along with the advanced features, the overall graphics of the game has been a lot incredible to play. It is free to install.