Total and Permanent Disability Insurance Benefits

Need for Insurance cover?

Your life and property are surrounded by the risk of death, illness, injury or disability. These risks result in financial losses for you and people depending on you. Insurance is the only way to safeguard yourself and your family against these financial losses.

Insurance is a legal contract between an insurance company and the individual. The insurance company charges a premium to be paid periodically in return of financial protection during unexpected financial losses.

Insurance does not reduce the risk of loss or damage, but it provides protection against losses.

Total and Permanent Disability Cover

Total permanent disability is a condition in which the sufferer is no longer in a condition to work due to illness or injury. It applies to cases where an individual may suffer from the loss of the use of limbs preventing him to be able to work again in the same capacity as before.

Permanent disabilities preventing an individual from being able to work full-time again for the rest of their life are referred to as permanent partial disability. On the other hand total and permanent disability means the individual will never work again.

A Total and Permanent (TPD) Insurance is designed in a way that it takes off the financial burden on you if you suffer from an illness or injury that leaves you totally and permanently disabled. You can use the benefit received to eliminate debts, pay for medical expenses etc.

How much of TPD Insurance you will need depends on your current situation. The right amount of cover should allow you to pay off mortgages or debts, make home modification suiting your current condition, pay for medical care, pay for education and meet household expenses.

Comparing TPD Insurance

Determining the appropriate TPD cover is a time-consuming task, but it is important to do your research to find the best cover to meet your medical needs. There are a number of factors to think about before you sign on to a policy.

Online websites compare which medical conditions are covered by various insurance companies and at what price. Compare total and permanent disability insurance before choosing. All companies have different benefits under TPD Insurance, so you need to understand what is included and if the price is right.  The online comparison websites have expert consultants to help their clients choose the right insurance product.

These comparison websites provide free expert service. You will pay the same amount that you would pay while buying direct as they don’t add any service fee. They take commission from the insurance company that you choose. iSelect provides accurate advice and excellent customer service. They gather data by asking questions to their clients and suggest the right insurance policy as they have plenty of plans, products and policies. They serve millions of Australians every year and protect your personal information.

You have worked hard for your financial footing. It you want to be sure that you and your family are protected, you can choose the right cover for yourself at iSelect.