What are the Customs Officials Look for While Examining the Shipment?

The customs clearance of your shipment through the US customs and border protection or CBP involves several procedures which can be divided into three broad categories namely, first, various customs procedures for the US-bound shipments, secondly, the four documents that are to be produced to the CBP, and the preparation for the customs exams. After the fulfilling of two broad categories namely customs procedures and four documents, the CBP officials may still hold your goods and ask you to prepare for an exam or several exams. In this context, it is inevitable for you to perfectly prepare for the CBP exams. This is one of the vital reasons, why the importers or exporters engage professional and experienced customs brokerage such as Clearit USA in order to perform the customs clearance perfectly at the first to steps of customs procedures and four documents so that the CBA may not need further steps of conducting an exam.

Even if the CBA holds your goods after the first two steps and asks you to prepare for an exam, the customs broker knows how to prepare for CBP exams to clear your goods from the border. However, if you have not engaged a customs broker and have decided to carry out the customs requirement yourself, you must be always prepared to effectively and successfully go through the CBP exams.

The basic objective of CBP officials conducting an exam of your shipment is obviously to check for illegal narcotics but they also check for several other purposes such as to check for the value of your goods, to check the for the marks ensuring the country of origin or any other information, whether your shipment has any other restricted or prohibited materials, to check for correct and appropriate invoices and to ensure that the quantity of your goods matches the invoice.

If you are prepared for the exam, the process of the exam will go faster without any such complications. As part of exam preparation, you need to see that your invoice is simple and clear with all the essential and relevant information about your goods and as prescribed by the CBP. You must also make sure that all the packages are appropriately numbered and marked leading to easy identification of goods exactly as per the invoice. Therefore, your invoice must contain a detail information of merchandise as per the packages. Similarly, the country of origin of your goods is also immensely important you need to take care of. In addition to this, seek for any other laws especially if you are importating food, cosmetics, drugs, alcohol etc. Finally, be prepared and vigilant about your shipment against smugglers misusing your shipment by secretly introducing narcotics into your shipment.