Aaron Spelling Net Worth

Net Worth: $600 Million

  • Full Name: Aaron Spelling
  • Born: 04/22/1923
  • Place of Birth: Castle Hills, Texas
  • Occupation: Actor/Singer/Dancer/Television producer
  • Marital Status: Married

Aaron Spelling Net Worth

Aaron Spelling’s list of credits was one of the longest in Hollywood history. He held 218 Producer and Executive Producer credits. His first script was sold to the Jane Wyman Theater in 1954 and he then moved on to write for a variety of other shows. Danny Thomas and Aaron Spelling formed the Thomas-Spelling Productions in 1966 which launched the hit, Mod Squad. Spelling formed a new production company which he called, Spelling Television in 1972 where he produced, Sunset Beach, Beverly Hills 90210, Charmed, Dynasty, Melrose Place and 7th Heaven. In 1986 Spelling took the company public and renamed it Spelling Entertainment. With this offering he rose over $80 million and was then able to put out more productions.

Spelling purchased the former home of Bing Crosby in Beverly Hills, California. He completely tore the home down and built in its place a 123 room home valued at $47 million. The Manor, which is what the home was titled, still remains the largest single-family home in Los Angeles. The home has been sold to socialite, Petra Ecclestone for $85 million.

Aaron Spelling History

Spelling was born to Polish-Jewish parents who were very poor. He grew up in Dallas where few Jews lived and as a result suffered through intense bullying. He claimed he suffered a nervous breakdown when he was nine years old due to the tormenting he had to endure. He stayed out of school for a year and spent his time reading some of his favorite authors, Mark Twain and O Henry.

Spelling graduated from James Madison High School (previously known as Forest Avenue High) and entered the Air Force when he was 19 years old. His time in the Air Force was during World War II and he served from 1942 to 1945. While in service he performed theatrical performances for the troops and earned both the Bronze Star Medal and Purple Heart with oak leaf cluster.

In 1946 Spelling returned to the United States and enrolled at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree by majoring in Journalism. This is where is writing career was started. He won the Eugene O’Neil Award for Original One-Act Play in 1947 and 1948 and graduated in 1949.

Spelling was unsuccessful in getting a break into Broadway after graduating. He spent the next few years directing a few plays in the Dallas area and as a roadie for an all-girl band. In April 1953 he married an American actress, Carolyn Jones and later moved with her to Hollywood. In Hollywood he began to find work as an actor and in 1954 began his writing career when he sold his first script to the Jane Wyman Theatre. In 1956 he began to write for television.

The marriage to Carolyn did not last and in 1964 the two divorced. Spelling later married, Carole Maier who he had two children with, and who both became actors when in their teens.

The 1990’s saw no change for Spelling being constantly at work producing for both television films and series. In 1996 he co-wrote a book with Jefferson Graham depicting his life. In 2001 Aaron Spelling was diagnosed with oral cancer after having spent his life smoking cigarettes. He continued to work as he battled his illness even though he handed the business over to his business partner. At his home in June of 2006, Spelling suffered a severe stroke and was briefly hospitalized. He died five days later at the age of 83 on June 23, 2006.