Andy Cohen Net Worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

  • Full name: Andrew Joseph Cohen
  • Birth: (06/02/1968)
  • Place of birth: St Louis, Missouri
  • Occupation: Actor, chat show host, film producer, TV producer
  • Marital status: single

Andy Cohen history of net worth

Andy Cohen is the only male chat show host of a late night talk program in the US to openly state that he is gay. He was not always so open yet decided that being gay was something he is proud of, though his private life is exactly that, private.

Going public about his sexuality has not adversely affected his TV career and therefore his net worth at all. Currently Andy Cohen hosts the Bravo late night talk show What Happens: Live. He joined Bravo as both a presenter and a producer from 2004 after they took the previous channel network he worked for, Trio. His achievements with Trio had put him on the way to gaining his net worth, besides been enough for Bravo to want to hire him.

Aside from been a popular host on Bravo, Cohen has been responsible for developing reality TV shows that are relatively cheap to make and can make their producers big profits. That is providing the reality shows can attract strong viewing figures and thus tempt companies to pay for advertising slots in the commercial breaks, or may be gain sponsorship too. TV producers who can develop these shows are then able to improve their personal net worth.

Whilst at Trio then later at Bravo Andrew Cohen has been responsible for producing and then promoting some hit reality TV shows that generated profits for both companies. These were such reality shows as Top Chef and the N-word. Top Chef in particular was well-received by the critics as well as being popular with the American public. In 2010 he gained the Emmy Award for being the producer of the best competitive reality show, Top Chef.

At present Cohen remains the Executive Producer for Reality Housewives, one of the most popular shows made by Bravo. In 2011 Cohen was invited to co host a chat show with Anderson Cooper soon after the latter had decided to go public about being gay.

Andy Cohen has been involved in both the Miss Universe program and the Miss US show, which will only be good for his over all bank balance.

About Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen has learned to keep himself well-informed of current events, which has led him to pull out of hosting one event. Thus far he has hosted the Miss Universe final twice. However he pulled out of hosting the 2013 final that was held in Russia in protest at that country’s anti-gay laws.

Cohen mentions his sexuality in his memoirs Most Talkative: Stories from the front line of pop culture, but never in great detail as he wants his private life to remain out of public view. Such was the success of his memoirs that also published his diary for 2014.

Cohen has built himself a sound career TV career due to his knowledge of how it works, as well as being a popular presenter.