Ben Affleck Net Worth

Net Worth: $75 Million

  • Full Name: Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt
  • Born: 08/15/1972
  • Place of Birth: Berkeley, California
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Marital Status: Married

Ben Affleck Net Worth History

Ben Affleck began his work in the acting industry as a child. He starred in a PBS production known as The Voyage of the Mimi. Until he gained fame, he starred in various shows and movies. His first notable role was in Good Will Hunting, in which Matt Damon co-starred. His profitable career took a hit when he was in two films that were no successful in the early 2000s. Later that decade, he received a Golden Globe Award for his acting. In 2007, he released the first movie that he had directed, which was titled Gone Baby Gone. Since then, he has continued to star in many acclaimed films. He already has many roles in multiple films planned for 2016.

About Ben Affleck

Affleck was born in Berkeley, California to Christopher Anne and Timothy Byers Affleck. When Affleck was eight, he befriended Matt Damon, who would later play an influential role in Affleck’s rise to fame. The two often traveled to New York for acting auditions. They shared a common dream of becoming actors.

He happened to receive an acting role in a PBS program as a child. It was called The Voyage of Mimi and was produced for sixth grade science classes. While his parents were supportive of his young acting, they were not willing to move to Hollywood for him to pursue his dreams, nor were they interesting in profiting from their son’s work.

Affleck’s first notable success took place with the release of Good Will Hunting. Originally written by Matt Damon, Affleck later edited and wrote the final version of the screenplay. He and Damon starred in the movie together. Following the release of this movie, Affleck had several successful roles in films such as Armageddon and Shakespeare in Love.

Following the success of Affleck’s career during this time, he had significant roles in many films that were not well received. These films, including the likes of Daredevil, as well as others, coupled with the extensive tabloid coverage of Affleck’s love life, led to the downturn of his career.

Affleck’s career was revived when he had roles in three movies, Hollywoodland, Man About Town, and Smokin’ Aces. While the latter two movies were not widely acclaimed, the other was popular and earned Affleck a second chance in the acting community. He was also able to have his debut as a film director with the film Gone Baby Gone. Since that time, Affleck has enjoyed great success. His latest successful movie was as a star in the thriller Gone Girl, which was released in 2014.

After highly publicized relationships with super stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez, Affleck wed Jennifer Garner in 2005. Together, the couple has three kids: two daughters and a son. The couple recently separated and announced that they plan to divorce.

Affleck has been an active participant in rallying for legislation that would require paparazzi to blur the faces of children in their pictures. He supports this legislation in the interest of protecting his kids, who are ages nine, six, and three.