Bill Murray Net Worth

Net Worth: $140 Million

  • Full Name: William James Murray
  • Born: September 21 1950
  • Place Of Birth: Evanston, Illinois
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Marital Status: Divorced

Bill Murray Net Worth History

Murray is a man who has risen from humble origins. Having been born into a large and relatively poor family he stood out from an early age as someone who had the capacity to make people laugh. Scraping together the funds to attend the highly prestigious Second City Comedy Impro Troupe in Chicago, he blossomed into one of the most natural – and funniest – comedians of his generation. His wealth started to accrue when after a stint on high profile comedy sketch and improvisation shows Hollywood took an interest in making use of his impressive stage presence. A stream of comedy classics soon followed, many of which are regarded as cult classics and defined Bill Murray as one of the key comedy actors of his generation. With silver screen success came the freedom to chose his own projects, including many high grossing films – Ghostbusters,.Lost in Translation/Zombieland – and many lower key pet projects too. His wealth has been based upon the success of his parts in the blockbusters, and he typically works for comparatively modest fees in his more indie titles.

About Bill Murray

Murray is quite possibly the definition of the ‘cult’ actor, his reputation and profile being so considerable that there are whole websites devoted to the crazy and heartwarming antics that he gets up to when approached by his many fans. Murray spotting is a popular trend, adding even more to his general appeal and the fact that almost every encounter with the star ends on a very high point. Among the many stories of Murray encounters include him deciding to bar-tend for the evening at a bar he was visiting, attend the weddings of complete strangers, and many other zany antics that would get most normal people a police caution.

Known for his love of sport – he is the part owner of the St Paul Saints pro-am baseball team and a regular at many high profile events, especially Football. Yet he also enjoys these sports at much lower key events, often in amateur leagues in small towns where the last thing a common fan would expect to see is an A-list Hollywood star supping a beer and eating a hot dog. Of course this all adds to the Murray mystique – or magic as his fans would say – and he is also known for left wing, pro green politics and is a vocal environmentalist.

Recent years have shown Murray pick his roles carefully as he has little need to seek out high paying roles that built the foundation of his capital in the ’80s and ’90s. Outside of his sports interests he also has a chain of small restaurants that continue to support his sometimes bizarre lifestyle. However having recently passed his 60th birthday Murray is set for at least one more major payday – he is set to revive his famous role in the 2016 movie Ghostbusters 3 – a film with such a massive following it is 99% certain to be a major money spinner for both the studios and the start himself.

Despite his approachable and jovial personality there has – as for most people – been negative sides to Murray’s at times apparently self centered attitude. He had an acrimonious divorce where unsubstantiated claims were made about his philandering and psychological manipulation, stories of major on-set spats with creative and acting talent, and all the rumor that generally surrounds a high profile celebrity. Yet as a quite genuine one off Murray will be pretty certain that his legion of fans will continue to adore his work long into the future, and there’s no chance of the Murray-spotting craze dying out any time soon.