Chelsea Handler net worth

Net Worth: $35 Million

  • Full name: Chelsea Joy Handler
  • Birth: (02/25/1975)
  • Place of birth: Livingston, New Jersey
  • Occupation: actor, author, comedian, model
  • Marital status: single living with a partner

Chelsea Handler net worth history

Chelsea Joy Handler left Livingston, New Jersey for Los Angeles to pursue her acting and comedy career after finishing high school. Moving to Los Angeles has certainly been a gamble that paid off for Chelsea Handler as she now has a net worth of $35 million and she is never out of work. Handler has made the biggest proportion of that income from being paid to appear in all the programs and shows that she has been in since 2000. Indeed her acting and comedy roles make for an impressive resume whenever Handler feels like trying to get more roles.

Originally Chelsea Handler had only considered pursuing an acting career yet when she noted that she was really good at making people laugh as well. Therefore, Handler decided to try her hand at stand up comedy as well as auditioning for comedy acting roles. Handler regarded acting and comedy as the things that would earn her the most money in the quickest amount of time. She has certainly kept herself busy whilst adding to her net worth.

Some of Chelsea handler’s earlier acting roles were in shows such as SPY TV, The Plotters, The Practice, and playing the character of Nurse Amy in My Wife and Kids. These parts generally involved comic elements especially in the sitcom My Wife and Kids.

Arguably getting the role of Doris Flynt on the Bernie Mac Show raised her profile with the American public, which came in handy when she auditioned for other roles. Other shows she has been in, or involved with include the reality film series Girls Behaving Badly (she has narrated it before), Totally High, National Lampoon Presents Cattle Call, as well as In the Motherhood. Her performances in all these shows are generally popular with the public.

For seven years Chelsea Handler had her own chat show on the E! network before it was cancelled in 2014. Handler still has links with E!, where she has often been paid to present shows, or write screen plays for them. She is currently preparing to present her own show exclusively online with Netflicks in 2016. So shortage of roles is never really something that Handler has had to put up with during her career.

Later appearances have included parts in Whitney, This Means War, Fun Size, and Web Therapy. Besides when she is not acting, or doing comedy tours has often been writing, so far she has written five best selling books.

About Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler’s parents are Seymour Handler and her German born mother Rita Handler. Chelsea is actually the youngest of six children. One of her brothers died in the early 1980’s while her other siblings are still alive.

Handler has never been married yet currently lives with her partner Andre Balzacs. She has publicly stated that she had an abortion when she was a teenager, and so far has not had any children.