David Letterman Net Worth

Net Worth: $400 Million

  • Full name: David Michael Letterman
  • Birth: (04/12/1947)
  • Place of birth: Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Occupation: Late night talk show host and
    comic until his retirement in May 2015
  • Marital status: married

David Letterman how he gained his net worth

It was been on TV that provided David Letterman with his opportunity to grab fame and fortune, a chance he took with aplomb it has to be admitted. Having started out in local radio and TV stations in Indianapolis Letterman had to move to Los Angeles to begin his march toward celebrity status and earning large sums of money in 1975. In his rise up the ladder of his media career David Letterman was assisted by having charisma and been able to be funny whilst presenting chat shows as well as comedy shows. Letterman has a really useful skill of making people laugh and also he got his guests to speak freely on all of the shows that he presented. For many years the American public simply could not get enough of Letterman’s shows in their different guises.

All the TV shows that he presented during his long career as a talk show host attracted substantial viewing figures, which means that the CBS network was always willing to pay Letterman a multi million dollar salary every year. For instance, for the last six years of his contract with the CBS network he was reportedly paid $ 20 million each year. This salary was actually reduced from his previous contract due to declining advertising revenues and the impact of the global recession.

Letterman’s first talk show did not see out 1980, but after going on air in 1982 his shows lasted until his retirement in 2015. Been a talk show host for 33 years certainly paid him handsomely during that time. He also earned money from appearing on other shows and doing other media work.

About David Letterman

David Letterman spent most of his youth in and around Indianapolis before his move to Los Angeles. He attended the Broad Ripple High School. After graduating from high school he went on to study at the Ball State University located in Muncie, Indianapolis. At Ball State University who studied for a degree in film and TV studies. Letterman academically was only an average student yet what he learned about the media he took on board and it came in handy for his chat show hosting career.

It was while he was at Ball State University that he started his career as a radio broadcaster, though he did get fired for bad mouthing classical music and then assist in setting up a rival student radio station. Letterman’s first TV role was as a weatherman for the WLWI station in Indianapolis. He got noticed as he put comic elements into doing the weather forecasts. Once he moved to Los Angeles the rest became history.

David Letterman has got married twice, and had a long term relationship in between. His first marriage was to Michelle Cook in 1968, and they went on to get divorced in 1977. Then he lived with Merrill Markoe between 1978 and 1988. His second wife is Regina Lasko and they got married in 2009.