Giuliana Rancic Net Worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

  • Full Name: Giulana Rancic
  • Born: August 17, 1974
  • Place of Birth: Naples, Italy
  • Occupation: Celebrity
  • Marital Status: Married to Bill Rancic since 2007

Giuliana Rancic Net Worth History

Giuliana Rancic was born Giuliana DePandi. She lived in Italy until she was seven years old. At that point she moved to Washington, D. C.. She went on to receive a degree in Journalism from the University of Maryland’s College Park campus. She received her Master’s from American University, also in Journalism. During her time in school she completed a modeling course at Barbizon, and she also covered the White House during her time working for Capitol Hill news. She covered stories related to the Pentagon, State Department and Supreme Court in her early journalistic efforts.

By 2002, Giuliana had landed a Job with E! News as a correspondent. By 2005 she became the sole anchor and managing editor for this wildly popular show. She also released her first book in 2006: Think Like A Guy. This was a best-selling book, adding to her burgeoning wealth. Also in 2006, Ryan Seacrest joined her on the E! News program as her co-host. Eventually the late, great Joan Rivers would take notice of Giuliana and she would join Ms. Rivers on the very popular E! show called Fashion Police.

Recent additions to her growing empire include a clothing line as well as her own brand of wine. Her wine, called Xo, G, is sold in 4 single-serve, shatter-proof cups. It is primarily being sold through Walmart, but there are plans for wider distribution as not all states allow Walmart to sell alcohol. Her clothing line, G by Giuliana Rancic, debuted on HSN in 2012 and is widely-regarded as the most successful clothing line to ever premiere on this network shopping channel. Her much anticipated recent book, Going Off Script, was released in 2015, landing her on the New York Times Best Sellers List. Her projects, work in journalism, co-hosting on popular E! Network shows, authoring popular books, and now with her clothing line and wine, her marketing efforts have come together nicely, creating a nice net worth for this woman of humble beginnings.

About Giuliana Rancic

Ms. Rancic married Celebrity Apprentice-winner Bill Rancic in 2007. They have one son, Duke, and live in both Los Angeles and Chicago, Illinois. This couple have been quite open about their fertility issues, and having gone through the process for in vitro fertilization, this is where she discovered, through a mammogram, that she had breast cancer. Initially treating that with a lumpectomy, just 2 months later she decided to have a double mastectomy. Their initial troubles with trying to conceive, and Ms. Rancic’s subsequent battle with breast cancer would lead them to find a surrogate, and this is how their son, Edward Duke, was conceived through egg retrieval and a gestational carrier.

Ms. Rancic has a philanthropic side, and she is partial to breast cancer foundations as a result of her own battle with this disease. A survivor of breast cancer, in 2013 Giuliana created “Fab-U Wish,” which is a foundation dedicated to bringing fashion, beauty and celebrity-themed wishes to women battling this disease. In accordance with her battle with cancer, she is also involved with The Pink Agenda, a foundation created to fundraise for breast cancer research, care and awareness. She is also involved in the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Operation Smile, Dress for Success, Mercy Home for Boys and Girls in Chicago and the Children’s Miracle Network. She appears to embrace the notion of giving back through altruism and empathy, 2 characteristics that will likely have us hearing more and more about her for many years to come.