Harrison Ford – Net Worth

Net Worth: $210 Million

  • Real Name- Harrison Ford
  • Born- July 13th 1942
  • Birthplace – Chicago, Illinois
  • Occupation- Actor and Film Producer
  • Marital Status- Married Calista Flockhart

Harrison Ford – Net Worth History

Harrison Ford began his career as an actor in 1964 but grew up as an avid outdoors man. He played several small roles in those years however he did finally make it on a small little success called “American Graffiti.”

Harrison Ford also earned a living as a carpenter making quite a great life for his first wife and two sons as he awaited success. It came in small parts on series in the 1970’s such as “Love American Style” and others but soon Star Wars was to hit the fan and it did.

Harrison Ford interviewed with George Lucas for the part of Han Solo. The Star Wars movie went on to make Ford a mega hit overnight making Star Wars one of the top movies of all time. There is talk of bringing back this great character to the series and bringing Harrison Ford back on board the Star Wars ride.

It is no secret how brilliant his star has shined after Star Wars. Harrison Ford moved mountains by his lonesome with Indiana Jones even returning for a third time for a good memory and a few million more from the box office. The Indiana Jones series began in 1981 with the ever loving movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” The making Indiana Jones history began with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas on board the Harrison Ford super stardom.

Harrison Ford also did many hits such as “The Fugitive” and many many more and is still making movies at 72 years of age. He is also a pilot in his private life which landed him in the news as well for helping to save others who were stranded in high places or anywhere a personal flight in is needed for rescue efforts.

Harrison Ford was also in an airplane crash recently while on one of these efforts to help save someone and landed in a golf course. He was spared with very few injuries. His valiant efforts over the years as a private pilot have saved many people from death. This is more than a great hobby it is a great thing to help people with your talents.

Harrison Ford stays fresh and progressive with his acting career and is also a very hard worker remaining in super stardom is hard work. Harrison Ford is also an avid environmentalist and heads this cause with two major committees that work on conservation issues.

Harrison Ford has actually had a spider species named after him due to his environmental causes and work in conservation efforts. Ford also appears in several documentaries recently about preserving and caring for Yosemite National Park. He also lends his voice to Earthshare for public service messages. Despite being a superstar Harrison Ford is a hands on type of man in the causes and people he helps which adds to an already huge net worth.