Jackie Chan Net Worth

Net Worth: $140 Million

  • Full Name: Chan Kong-sang
  • Born: 04/07/1954
  • Place of Birth: Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Marital Status: Married

Jackie Chan Net Worth History

Chan had no family fortune as a child, born as he was to refugees from the Chinese Civil War who had fled to British Hong Kong. Sent to the China Drama Academy, he learned Peking Opera, the dance steps of which would stand him in excellent stead once it came to his film career. Early on he befriended two other standout talents who would, in time, be known as the Three Brothers, and their success in Cantonese films came swiftly. Chan’s true superstar status, however, would be kindled with his first American film in 1980, which promoted him enough that he was able to spend much of the rest of the decade with great control over the films he made in Hong Kong. His next big attempt to enter America was more successful, however, and since that time he has come to command fees of around $15 million per film.

About Jackie Chan

What isn’t commonly known about Chan is that he didn’t start studying martial arts at all until he had already earned some success with bit parts in later Bruce Lee movies, while Jackie was coming of age. His study of Hapkido augmented a natural comic timing and a grace and flow of movement honed through the dances of Peking opera.

But what would truly distinguish him would be an insight he had after the death of Lee (“The Dragon”), while Cantonese studios were looking for someone to replace him. Chan realized that while he couldn’t match Bruce Lee in serious martial arts credibility, nor could anyone else – but that the market was wide open for an ‘antidote’ to Lee, a completely different style of martial arts film built around use of the surroundings, comedic flourishes, and crazy stunts. From Police Story on, this insight has never ceased to bring Chan’s films success.

After becoming firmly ensconced in the Hollywood scene, Chan became the main character in a cartoon series, The Jackie Chan Adventures, which took the style of his films and married that to a fast-paced, lighthearted style which was a hit with kids and teens immediately and a sleeper hit with adults. From there it became clear to him that even more success was to be had pushing the comedy element of his films, and in partnerships with comedians in the Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon franchises, he’s developed an even broader appeal. A Jackie Chan movie is a guaranteed good time – and guaranteed profit.

Since 2007, however, he has begun to change the emphasis of his roles and his film projects, working on more dramatic movies and focusing less on stunts, knowing that the reputation of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team is already sealed and wanting to make a name for himself in a different field. He’s also begun phasing himself out of the starring roles in order to put more emphasis on cast members he’s discovered.