Jamie Foxx Net Worth

Net Worth: $85 Million

  • Full Name: Eric Marlin Bishop
  • Born: 12/13/1967
  • Place of Birth: Terrell, Texas
  • Occupation: Actor and Singer

Jamie Foxx Net Worth History

Jamie Foxx is a critically acclaimed American actor, as well as an award-winning musician. He starred in the movie Ray, a movie about the life of Ray Charles. His performance won him a number of awards, including a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor and the Academy Award and BAFTA Award for Best Actor. Foxx also received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Collateral. He also starred in The Jamie Foxx Show from 1996 to 2001. Foxx has also won Grammy Awards for his participation in the music industry and has released three albums: Unpredictable, Intuition, and Best Night of My Life.

About Jamie Foxx

Born with the name Eric Marlin Bishop in Terrell, Texas, Bishop is better known by his professional name Jamie Foxx. His father’s given name was Darrel Bishop, but his name changed when he converted to Islam, and his mother’s name was Louise Dixon. As a baby, Foxx’s maternal grandparents, who had adopted his mother, adopted him. His adoptive parents, who were also his grandparents, were named Esther and Mark Talley. His biological parents had little influence on him during his growing up years, and Foxx give his adoptive mother, his grandmother, much of the credit for his success due to the positive influence she had on him.

Foxx began learning to play piano at the age of five. It was obvious from a young age that he was a gifted joke teller and his grade school teachers would use him as a reward by telling the class that if they performed well, then he would tell them jokes. After graduating high school, he received a scholarship to United States International University, where Foxx studied classical music and composition.

Foxx began his professional comedy career when he began performing at open mic nights at local clubs. It was during this time that Foxx decided to change his professional name to Jamie Foxx, due to finding that women comedians were often called to perform first. Foxx felt that changing his name to Jamie was ambiguous enough to dispel any bias toward him since he was a man.

Foxx’s first television appearance was in 1991 when the young comedian joined the cast of In Living Color and his first film appearance took place the next year when the budding actor played a prominent role in the comedy Toys. Since that time, Foxx has appeared in a variety of films and has received numerous awards. His most successful movies include White House Down, Annie, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

In addition to being a successful actor, he has had much success in the music industry. Foxx has released several albums, three of which have made the Billboard 200. Foxx has released a total of five albums: Peep This, Unpredictable, Intuition, Best Night of My Life, and Hollywood: A Story of a Dozen Roses.

Foxx has two chilren, a daughter named Corinne, and a second daughter named Annalise. His older daughter, Corinne, made her first professional appearance at the 2014 Bal de debutantes.