Jay Leno Net Worth

Net Worth: $350 Million

  • Full Name: James Douglas Muir Leno
  • Born: 04/28/1950
  • Place of Birth: New Rochelle, New York, USA.
  • Occupation: Television Host, Stand-up Comedian, Producer, Writer, Actor
  • Marital Status: Married

Jay Leno’s Net Worth History

Jay Leno did not amass his wealth through an inheritance or playing it big on the stockmarket. His wealth is the American dream of working hard, investing wisely, and saving your money. Jay Leno is reported by Forbes, to be worth $315 million, due to his ability to use his talents and gifts in a media driven industry. The majority of Jay Leno’s wealth has been achieved through his NBC tv hosting career on The Tonight Show. His annual salary for hosting was initially $17,000,000 a year, which grew to $32,000,000 a year with industry related perks and lots of endorsements. He was the host of The Tonight Show from 1992, when the great Johnny Carson stepped down and he held that position until May 29, 2009. Conan O’Brien was chosen to step in as The Tonight Show’s TV host, when Mr. Leno stated that he wanted to return, which after some financial wrangling, he did in March of 2010, until his retirement in February, 2014. Jay Leno has also earned his millions because of his love of comedy, which is why, in addition to his TV hosting career, he works on certain weekends, by performing stand-up, around different stages, special events around the United States, and night clubs, just like where he began his comedy career, performing 300 nights a year. Jay stated that he could easily make an extra $20 million just from participating in comedy tours.

About Jay Leno

Jay Leno was born to Catherine Muir, a homemaker, and Angelo Leno, an insurance salesman. His mother was born in Scotland and his father was born in Italy. Mr. Leno had an older brother, Patrick, who passed away in 2002, due to a long cancer battle. His brother Patrick also served in the Vietnam War and worked in public life as an attorney. James Douglas Muir Leno grew up in Ballardvale, Massachusetts and attended Emerson College in Boston, majoring and getting a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Therapy in 1973.

Jay always loved comedy, which is why he started a comedy club gathering at Emerson in 1973. Jay met and married Mavis Elizabeth Nicholson, who was from San Francisco, California. They have been married since November, 1980 and they do not have any children. Always teased about his elongated chin (“mandibular prognathism”), Jay Leno could have had cosmetic surgery to correct it, but he chose not, because he said he did not want to endure a very long remedial period with his jaws locked.

He is a multi Emmy winner, a multi People’s Choice winner, as well as a recipient of many other TV industry awards. He has a star on the Walk of Fame, he has been inducted into the TV Hall of Fame and in 2014, he was awarded the prestigious Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. As a writer, Jay Leon has written several popular children books, he has authored and co-authored many books on motor vehicle history books, and he has written many books on comedy history figures and the industry as a whole.

As a writer and producer, Jay Leno served as head writer, writer supervisor, and producer of many episodes of his hosting time on The Tonight Show, beginning in 1994 until 2013. Since the early 1970’s, Jay Leno has been working in TV and movies, as the voice of animated characters and he has appeared as himself in many comedy series and some bit roles in movies. Mr. Leno has written scripts for comedy shows like The Larry Sanders Show, Good Times, and several other comedy hits.

Jay Leno has also produced a few documentaries, most recently serving as executive producer of the Emmy winning Jay Leno’s Garage: The Ultimate Car Week documentary, in 2014. Jay Leno has had many negative critics about his personality, but you can hardly find anyone today who doesn’t agree that he has a heart of gold and is a great philanthropist. Remember, the headlines when he took a huge salary cut to save as many Tonight Show jobs as possible.

Jay Leno has no vices except for his undying love and collection of antique and high end cars and motorcycles, worth around $50 million. There is a strong indication that Jay Leno will lend his voice and production skills to an upcoming documentary about vehicle collectors and “the stories behind the men and women who made the automobile the greatest invention of the 20th century.”