Jerry Jones net worth

Net Worth: $4.2 Billion

  • Full name: Jerral Wayne Jones
  • Birth (10/13/1942)
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, California
  • Occupation: Actor, entrepreneur
  • Marital status: married

Jerry Jones net worth history

Jerry Jones originally made his name if not his fortune by being a professional American football player and he was also a player that studied business at university instead of attending on a sporting scholarship and not having a profession or a trade to his name after his playing career had finished.

After retiring as an American football player Jerry Jones went about making a living through acting and also by following various business ventures. He actually made some investments whilst he was still playing football as he was well aware that any playing career is relatively short and he had to make plans for when he had to retire. Jones always monitored how the football business developed in relation to how the NFL and TV deals worked, and how much money both the franchises and the players could earn. He essentially waited to see if any football franchises became available for him to take over. If he could time such a move right he was well aware that he and his family could make a great deal of money.

His football career earnings, his acting credits, and his business investments and ventures gave Jones and his family a higher standard of living than most families are able to experience and even enjoy. However despite having more money than most people to live on Jerry Jones did not at that point in time of a net worth any where near as high as $4.2 billion. Like most people at one stage Jones could have only have dreamed of being so wealthy. Yet he was proving to be an astute entrepreneur and was capable of taking business opportunities as and when they arose.

The opportunity to get hold of a NFL football franchise happened in 1989 when the ownership of the Dallas Cowboys became available. The Dallas Cowboys are a really popular side within the NFL, and they are arguably the best marketed franchise of all them, within the US itself and also abroad too. Under the guidance of Jones the Dallas Cowboys have been the NFL franchise that sell more merchandise than any of its rivals.

As Jerry Jones proves owning a NFL franchise is a highly profitable undertaking in its own right. He runs the franchise with the help of his two sons and his daughter. The running of the Dallas Cowboys is like a family business, one worth billions of dollars. Indeed the only sporting club or franchise with a greater annual turn over is Manchester United. So it should be no surprise that Jerry Jones is a billionaire.

About Jerry Jones

Jones is married to Eugenia Jones and has been since 1963. They have two sons, Stephen Jones and Jerry Jones Jr, and a daughter Charlotte Jones. All three are heavily involved in the management of the Dallas Cowboys.