Jerry Springer Net Worth

Net Worth: $45 Million

  • Full Name: Gerald Norman Springer
  • Born: 02/13/1944
  • Place of Birth: London, England, United Kingdom
  • Occupation: Actor, Celebrity, Politician, Producer
  • Marital Status: Separated from Micki Velton

Jerry Springer Net Worth History

Jerry Springer has had an interesting career. For the people in the mid-1990s, the idea that Jerry Springer was once a public official and a campaign adviser would seem shocking. A good portion of the Jerry Springer net worth that he has managed to hold onto all these years is largely a reward for having been such a successful talk show host. A lot of Jerry Springer’s acting roles have been about sending up his image as a tabloid talk show host. As of 2007, he was earning 3.5 million dollars a year from the Jerry Springer Show. However, he was still a campaign adviser to Robert Kennedy at one point in his life, and he did get elected to city council in 1973. His legitimate career in politics would never have made him as rich and famous as his much more complicated media career did, but it did manage to help make him a more complex figure.

About Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer became a household name in the mid-1990s, for better or for worse. The Jerry Springer Show was a show devoted to political commentary before that point, but the ratings soared when it became much more of a sensationalist talk show. However, its reputation as a serious or even a legitimate television show managed to tank at the same time. Even the audience for the Jerry Springer Show would demonstrate contempt for the people on the show and for the show itself.

The popularity of the Jerry Springer Show has declined since the 1990s, but the show is still ongoing and it has managed to find a twenty-first century audience. Still, the Jerry Springer Show is a touchstone of the 1990s, when talk shows were at their peak of popularity. Shows like the Jerry Springer Show have to compete with a lot of other programming today, including reality television, which has around the same degree of cultural respectability.

Given the longevity of the Jerry Springer Show, Jerry Springer himself has managed to stay wealthy and stay in the public’s eye for a comparatively long time. His own attitudes towards his own show are hard to truly pinpoint. He claims that he never watches taped versions of his show, and that they don’t interest him. The fact that the show was once a serious political show, and that Jerry himself was once a politician, does certainly give a person pause for thought when it comes to how to evaluate Jerry Springer’s own thoughts on his work.

However, one way or another, this very lucrative, ongoing show has been positive for the Jerry Springer net worth that he is going to value as much as the next man. Jerry Springer will always be synonymous with his show in the public’s mind now, and he may have few other options when it comes to taking his career in a new direction. Still, if nothing else, his career has been a profitable one.