Jessica Biel’s Net Worth

Net Worth: $18 Million

  • Full name – Jessica Claire Biel
  • Date of Birth – 3rd March 1982
  • Place of Birth – Ely, Minnesota United States
  • Occupation – Actress and mother to son, Silas
  • Marital Status – Married to singer, Justin Timberlake

Jessica Biel’s Net Worth History

Jessica Biel is one of Hollywood’s most in demand actresses, having starred in many movies since her early days of acting in the heart-warming, family series, 7th Heaven. Biel played the beautiful, preacher’s daughter, Mary Camden who was the second child in a family of seven children. It was 7th Heaven that kickstarted Biel’s career and she became very much in demand as an actress for multiple movie roles.

Biel became famous for a topless and risque’ photo shoot in Gear. She is also famous for trying to get the network and creators of 7th Heaven to kick her off the show by posing for Gear, a popular men’s magazine. Biel was quoted as saying that “Mary Camden is Dead.” When her film career stalled at age 17, Jessica Biel decided it might be a good idea to mend fences with the creators of 7th Heaven and the network and return as a guest star.

Today Jessica Biel is a movie star who has starred in many box office productions. Biel’s major film credits are as follows: Valentine’s Day, The Truth About Emanuel, The Wolverine, Viper, Playing for Keeps, Hitchcock, Total Recall, New Year’s Eve, The A Team, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and many other film projects. In 1997 Jessica won the award for Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film.

When Jessica landed the role on 7th Heaven, it was to be the role that would change her life. She played Mary Camden for six seasons, and then decided she needed a change of image. This was when she decided to pose for a few sexy photos for Gear magazine, who named the expose’ “Fallen Angel.” While Jessica spent a few more seasons on 7th Heaven as a guest star, her movie career started to take off with roles in feature films, Biel also took advantage of offer to be on the cover of many magazines.

Jessica broke ground into the movie world with her role in the Illusionist. She went on to star in many other projects of which many turned into box office hits. The movie Valentine’s Day also saw Jessica get some very positive reviews. Biel is now an accomplished actress and is now in demand for many projects. She has a bumpy ride at first, with a few flops, and then the re-make of Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a box office hit. This alone did not boost Biel’s career into major movies just yet, but it was a start. She has now starred in many box office hits, including Total Recall, The Wolverine, The A Team and many more. Jessica also seems comfortable with most genres, she is very accomplished at her craft in action movies, comedies, or horror movies.

Jessica’s personal life starting hitting the headlines when she began a romance with singer, Justin Timberlake. The couple were married recently, much to horror of Timberlake’s fans and no doubt Biel’s fans were just as devastated. Jessica and Justin also celebrated the birth of their first child in April 2015. Their son was named Silas Randall Timberlake.

As well as being a loving mother, wife and talented actress, Jessica Biel also supports many social causes. In January, she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to support the global water crisis. Jessical Biel also created the “Make A Difference Network” site, which is a social network site for charitable events.