Joan Rivers Net Worth

Net Worth: $150 Million

  • Full Name: Joan Rivers
  • Date of Birth: Born 06/08/1933
  • Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York
  • Occupation: Actress/Comedian
  • Marital Status: Divorced/Widow

Joan Rivers Net Worth History

Joan River’s career as a comedian began as a stand-up comedian up and down the state of New York. Her appearances on the “The Tonight Show” and “The Ed Sullivan Show” were where she started to make a name for herself. She appeared on those shows in the 60’s and 70’s and by the 80’s she became a host on the “The Saturday Night Live Show”. Joan received a Grammy Award for her comedy album. When Johnny Carson retired from The Tonight Show it was said he wanted Joan to take over him. She was not able to do this as she had already accepted an offer to host her own late-night show on FOX.

Joan Rivers hosted a variety of talk shows throughout her career and also appeared as an Awards host and celebrity commentator. On the E! Network, Joan hosted, “Fashion Police” which was often controversial on the “what is” and the “what is not” in the fashion industry.

Joan’s house in Connecticut sold for $4.4 million in 2013, the same year she listed her New York City penthouse for $29.5 million. Joan’s income came from both her TV hosting spots as well as her QVC royalties. At the time of her death at 81, Joan was reported to be making $50 million a year.

About Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1933 as Joan Alexandra Molinsky. Later she moved to Larchmont where she attended college at Connecticut College from 1950 to 1952. Joan actually graduated from Barnard College in 1954 with a Bachelor of Arts in English literature and Anthropology.

She began working at an ad agency as a proofreader and writer and was also a fashion consultant for the Bond Clothing Stores. She married the son from this chain, James Sanger in 1955. James was the merchandise manager for Bonds but unfortunately didn’t want to have children which ended the marriage.

Joan’s second marriage was to Edgar Rosenberg in 1965. This marriage ended sadly with Edgar committing suicide in 1987. Through their marriage, Edgar and Joan had one daughter, Melissa who also entered the entertainment business. Edgar is said to taken his own life after Fox fired them both for a drama played out on “The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers”. Joan suffered some dark years after Edgar’s death both professionally and personally.

Joan reported in an interview with Esquire Magazine that she was not a businesswoman, Edgar had been the businessman. After his death she found herself $37 million in debt. Her name and likeness were bought up leaving her at 55 years old and no way to work. She was unable to use her name or her likeness to go on TV or sell anything. The party responsible was eventually caught and charged by the SEC who sent him to jail; however Joan was left having to pay off the company and regaining her popularity.

Joan passed away on September 4, 2014 with her finances completely in order. She left everything to her daughter, Melissa and grandson, Cooper. Joan’s love of her rescue dogs, Samantha and Teegan was not forgotten as she also made provisions for them in her will.