Jon Stewart Net Worth

Net Worth: $80 Million

  • Full Name: Jon Stuart Leibowitz
  • Born: 11/28/1962
  • Place of Birth: New York City, New York
  • Occupation: Comedian
  • Marital Status: Married

Jon Stewart Net Worth History

Stewart’s earnings were meager in the first few years of his showbiz career, but have since grown substantially. With David Letterman’s support he rose until his star was high enough to take over The Daily Show in 1999, which he rapidly built into something bigger. Within four years the show was more popular than it had ever been, and Stewart established himself as the foundation of Comedy Central; as the network built their programming around his success, he was soon able to improve his contract to the point where he would eventually command between $16 and $17 million annually in salary, though with income from his other projects and his production company he actually brings in somewhere between $25 and $30 million a year. Little wonder, then, that over the past decade he has gone from comfortably well off to one of the wealthiest hosts in late night.

About Jon Stewart

It’s easy to forget now, but before he took over The Daily Show Stewart was already a successful comedian, taking major or minor roles in a number of films and being groomed by Letterman’s production company, Worldwide Pants, for a different hosting job long term.

He distinguished himself by breaking new ground with a number of show formats before accidentally persuading himself to join The Daily Show while talking with a friend who had produced the show under Craig Kilborn, asking her why she enjoyed it and if she expected that to change. Her answers evidently interested him enough to get him to sign up, and over the next decade and change he would sculpt the show into a better vehicle.

Over the course of this time it’s not unfair to say that he changed the way we look at news, as well as developing other shows, documentaries, films, and even books through his production company, Busboy Productions. He’s built a reputation as someone who can find and nurture the best comedic talent, with Letterman’s successor being from his stable, as was star of The Office Steve Carell and breakout HBO phenomenon John Oliver.

But he hasn’t just revolutionized American satire; moments like his war of words with Jim Cramer in the wake of the Credit Crunch, where he displayed a traditional newsman’s willingness to go to the record and confront someone with the contradictions in their statements, and his sensational appearance on CNN’s Crossfire, cited by network executives as the moment that killed the program when he challenged the hosts regarding what they were doing to shape the discussion of news and the political polarization of the country – and, of course, his own event, the Rally To Restore Fear And/Or Sanity, hosted alongside protege Stephen Colbert – have helped to change the way America responds to news.

It isn’t just moments of astonishment, either – one of the moments he himself is proudest of was his role in getting the First Responders’ Bill the public attention and support it needed to pass.

With his retirement from the Daily Show, his future is open once again – so the question is louder than ever.

What will Jon Stewart do next?