Kathy Griffin Net Worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

  • Full Name: Kathleen Mary Griffin
  • Born: 11/04/1960
  • Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
  • Occupation: Actor, Author, Celebrity, Comedian, Producer
  • Marital Status: Divorced

Kathy Griffin Net Worth History

Kathy Griffin’s success almost appears to be ironic, given the way in which she usually frames it. One of her greatest successes was the reality television program My Life on the D-List, poking fun at her attempts to rise in the world of show business and the fact that she has nowhere near the level of fame that normally confers respectability. However, she won two Emmy awards for that reality show, making it one of the most successful shows about a person’s alleged lack of success in history. Kathy Griffin first rose to prominence by guest starring on shows like Seinfeld in the 1990s, but got her comedy experience as part of the Groundlings comedy troupe. In 2014, she won a Grammy for Best Comedy Album. Still, Kathy Griffin continues to play up her alleged lack of success, upon which she has built a successful career.

About Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin may have taken the world’s most unconventional path to success. Even her early role in the show Seinfeld was a very self-referential bit about what a supposedly terrible comedian she was. She also made fun of the fact that she tends to get ahead by making fun of other celebrities. However, it seems that Kathy Griffin has been able to make a career in real life out of playing that exact same character, for better or for worse.

The success of the show My Life on the D-List helps demonstrate the fact that self-deprecation is one of the routes to success and fame in the United States, given the fine points of American culture. However, it does introduce something of a conundrum. Supposedly, the success of this show would have lifted Kathy Griffin from the D-list, and yet, she still seems to consider herself a proud member of this dubious group. In that regard, she isn’t so different from the actors who proudly flaunt the Razzie awards that they have received.

Kathy Griffin is a somewhat polarizing figure. Finding people with completely neutral opinions about her can be somewhat rare. She has legions of fans, as evidenced by the sheer popularity of her reality show and the Kathy Griffin net worth in general. However, some people object to her style of comedy. Also, the irony of having a successful show about being unsuccessful is certainly not lost on anyone. However, the fact that this irony is present in the first place is probably just another source of entertainment for a lot of people. Essentially, Kathy Griffin has found a way to appeal to her critics as well, which is something of an amusing trick.

Kathy Griffin has managed to have a successful comedy career in spite of everything else, and she has maintained that career longer than most people. In spite of everything, she is far from the least liked comedian working today.