Martin Lawrence Net Worth

Net Worth: $110 Million

  • Full Name: Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence
  • Born: 04/16/1965
  • Place of Birth: Frankfurt, West Germany
  • Occupation: an American comedian, actor, and filmmaker
  • Marital Status: Divorced with 3 Children

Martin Lawrence Net Worth

Martin Lawrence has been performing comedy and acting for nearly 30 years. He has had his own hit show during the early to mid 90s and he has appeared in number of box office hits. Lawrence has a net worth of |$110 million dollars and is considered one of the best Hollywood personalities in the business. Lawrence status as a star has a positive net worth that is able to generate millions of dollars for any film that he is starring in.

Lawrence had been performing in New York since the late 80s and got his first big break once he appeared in Spike Lee’s film “Do the Right Thing”. Though Lawrence had a minor role in the film, it helped to put him on the map. Eventually he worked with rappers Kid and Play in the movie “House Party” before landing his own television series.

Martin was the name of his series and it was a huge success. The program was so good that it was literally one of the highest rated shows for its time. While Martin was filming his show he also was appearing in films with big names such as Eddie Murphy, Danny Devito and Will Smith. Martin supposedly earned $50 thousand dollars per episode. However, some sources claimed that he made well over $400,000 per episode when he series aired.

While Martin’s show proved that he was a certifiable money making celebrity; it was his films that helped to put him over the top. Starting in 1995 Bad Boys made $141 million and in 1999 he starred in Blue Streak which earned about $118 million dollars. Big Momma’s House made a whopping $173 million dollars and was one of his most financially successful films to date. Bad Boys II amassed $273 million dollars and is considered Lawrence’s top earning film.

Big Momma’s House II made $138 million and his voice over in Open Season helped the film to earn $197 million. Martin co-starred in the film Wild Hogs with Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy . The film made close to $254 million. At least half of all Martin’s films were box office hits and they were successful enough to allow him to earn an estimated $10 million dollars per release. By the way some sources claim that Martin Lawrence has the ability to earn at least $20 million for any of the films that he appears in.

About Martin Lawrence

Most people might not realize this but Martin Lawrence was good enough to become a Golden Gloves contender. As a matter of fact he almost decided to fight full time as a boxer until he received damaged to one of his eyes. Doctors informed him that if he continued to fight he could end up permanently damaging his eye. Thankfully for Martin (and his fans) he made a good decision not to continue on with his career.