Mary J. Blige Net Worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

  • Full Name: Mary Jane Blige
  • Born: 01/11/1971
  • Place of Birth: Bronx, New York, U.S.A.
  • Occupation: Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer
  • Marital Status: Married

Mary J. Blige Net Worth History:

Mary J. Blige has released top charting albums, since her career started. She has released 10 albums, eight which went platinum. Currently she ranks as one of the top female voices in music today, having sold 50 million records and 15 million singles, in addition to winning nine Grammys, four American Music Awards, and a World Music Awards called “Legends Award” which honored her for being the first artist that mixed the styles of hip hop and soul music in 1990. Each album created by Mary J. Blige, is filled with touching messages of life, love, self-acceptance, and empowerment. In addition to being a top vocalist on the Top 10 Billboard Album charts in pop and R&B, she owns some stock investments, she has property holdings and lucrative endorsement deals. Ms. Blige also own several restaurants, she has her own perfume line, as well as a popular fashion line. Mary J. Blige has also done very well in films, having appeared in top rated movies, including playing Betty Shabazz in the TV movie Betty & Coretta and performing in music biographies, most recently, portraying the famous icon, Nina Simone. Ms. Blige released a line of sunglasses, which are still popular today. They are called “Melodies by MJB.” Mary also has a successful production company with William Morris Endeavor and they have worked on several TV and film projects.

About Mary J. Blige:

To become one of the most respected singers today, Mary had to go through hell. Mary’s early childhood was filled with alcohol, drugs, and violence from her mother and father. Mary’s mother, Cora, was a nurse and her father, Thomas, was a jazz musician and a Vietnam War veteran who later was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Her father abused her mother, leaving the family when Mary was 4, but occasionally returning to abuse her mother again and again. Hoping to escape the abuse, Mary’s mother moved to a public housing project in Yonkers, New York. Unfortunately, the project was worse than her previous home. Leaving Mary with people from the projects to help keep a job, people would abuse Mary sexually and mentally. Mary said her only escape was church, where he started singing and where she felt safe. Mary dropped out of school and stopped going to church when she turned 16. She turned to drugs, sex, and alcohol because she said she wanted to do anything just to feel better.

Ms. Blige loved to escape to the world of music. She became a backup singer on Uptown Records recording, when at age 22, she was paired with Sean Combs and her rich, powerful voice helped the recording hit the top charts. Mary’s recording talents took off, with her own album release, entitled “My Life,” which is labeled as the greatest album she ever recorded. Mary J. Blige is famous for being the only singer to receive 9 Grammy awards in different musical categories including Pop, Rap, R&B and Gospel. Mary J. Blige had a manager named Kendu Isaacs, whom she met in year 2000. In December of 2003, they became husband and wife. However, nuptial bliss has been marred with rumors of infidelity. Mary said that she and her husband have agreed that he would not hang around with his female friends, but rumors are still flying that Mary has left him, but there hasn’t been any confirmation, either by Ms. Blige or any of her staff.

Additionally, Mary J. Blige has long been reported to have financial troubles. She once owned the state of New Jersey around $900,000, which has been paid. However, she admits to still owing the IRS, which came to a total of $3.4 million, plus it is said that she still owes $2.2 million for an unpaid bank loan. Now sober and she’s got her faith back, Mary is highly respected by musical artists in every venue and has sung on worldwide stages. Despite these concerns, Mary J. Blige continues to rule the industry, especially with her collaborations with Barbara Streisand, The Clark Sisters, Marc Anthony, Snoop Dogg, Andrea Bocelli, Sam Smith, Jennifer Nettles, and many other musical ventures.