Matt Damon Net Worth

Net Worth: $90 Million

  • Full Name: Matthew Paige Damon
  • Born: 10/08/1970
  • Place of Birth: Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Marital Status: Married

Matt Damon Net Worth History

Born to a successful stockbroker, Damon attended various private schools and Harvard university before taking up a career, though he’d been working with a drama tutor for much of that time. This process left him primed to make an impact, and after starring in Good Will Hunting – which he also wrote, of course, alongside friend Ben Affleck – he immediately became a bankable star. In the eighteen years since he has become one of the forty most bankable stars in Hollywood, with credits in the successful Bourne and Ocean’s series as well as starring roles in many major critical and commercial successes. Through his and Affleck’s production company LivePlanet, he has also developed a number of profitable documentaries. While he does voiceover work for commercials, much of this income tends to be donated to charity (although his Nespresso ad spot alone earned $3 million); however, a second production company, Pearl Street Films, has generated a lot of support through Warner Brothers.

About Matt Damon

Raised by his mother, a professor of juvenile education, Damon’s upbringing came in many ways from and as practice for textbooks on child rearing, though he did not react entirely positively to this; feeling that he did not belong, he turned from a very early age to roleplaying, and became more insular due to being bullied about his height.

Developing characters and existing in other worlds to roleplay often leads young men and women to theater, and Damon was no exception, getting his first exposure to the acting bug while still at school – where he also got to know Ben Affleck well. He continued his fascination with acting into Harvard and, indeed, did not finish his degree at the time, instead taking a lead role in the film School Ties – but by this stage he had already begun drafts of what would become Good Will Hunting.

Earning acclaim for a standout performance in Courage Under Fire shortly after the end of his academic career, he had earned just enough weight within Hollywood to get Good Will Hunting made. He and Affleck would each take home only $600,000 for their roles, though the Oscars the film won and the others it was nominated for made it, all the same, the best possible result.

He would use his new found freedom to experiment, finding that as action heroes, supporting roles, and as villainous threats, he had become box office magic, but in romantic drama he tended to flop. He’s only truly found success in that field when combining it with action, as in The Adjustment Bureau among others. But as an action star, his role as Jason Bourne and attention-grabbing false feud with Jimmy Kimmel have catapulted his star firmly into the Hollywood firmament, allowing him the freedom to take more serious roles like those in Invictus and The Martian alongside his more commercial work.

With close ties to great talents in the film industry, Damon can often be found getting his pick of the best scripts in any given year.