Matt Leblanc Net Worth

Net Worth: $60 Million

  • Full Name: Matthew Steven “Matt” LeBlanc
  • Born: 07/25/1967
  • Place of Birth: Newton, Massachusetts
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Marital Status: Divorced

Matt Leblanc Net Worth History

Matt LeBlanc earned his net worth of $60 million, predominantly from his famed role as Joey Tribbiani on “Friends”, a role he held for the entire 10 seasons it aired for. By the final season, he along with the rest of the main cast were earning $1,000,000 per episode allowing him to amass a large sum of wealth. His other roles extend to the BBC’s Episodes and movies such as “Charlies Angels”, “Lost in space” and “All the Queens Men”. His career began slowly, working on several music video’s for a variety of musicians including Bon Jovi. After a few years, his hard work paid off, landing a role in “Friends”, the show which eventually lead to the majority of his current net worth. Following the end of “Friends”, his growth in net worth did not. Further ventures including his Friends spin-off “Joey” which despite being cancelled mid season earned him a salary of $15,000,000 and his work as a fictional character of himself on “Episodes” increased his net worth even more. His creation of the Fort Hill Production company along with John Goldstone continued to add to his total net worth.

About Matt Leblanc

Born in Massachusetts, Matt grew up with an office manager mother, Patricia, and a mechanic father, Paul. His ancestry mixes his blood with Italian and French-Canadian from his parents respectively. After graduating high school, he worked as a photo model for some time before heading to New York to take acting classes. Following on from this, his professional career started in 1988 when he first starred in drama TV 101, but his acting career truly began a year prior starting on a Heinz Tomato Ketchup TV advertisement. Following his most famed work as Joey Tribbiani in both “Friends” and “Joey” he took a large gap period off screen before returning in “Episodes”. During this time Matt focused primarily on production, forming his very own production company along with partner John Goldstone, Fort Hill Productions, which co-produced the made for TV movie “The Prince” in 2006.

During his time as an actor, Matt married Melissa McKnight, a former model, in 2003 following his proposal in 1998. A year later, their daughter Marina was born. At the time she was 8 months old, Marina began to suffer from a rare brain disorder which resulted in seizures and affects motor abilities. However following the next few years the condition had largely subsided. In early 2006, Matt and Melissa separated and the divorce was made final later that year citing irreconcilable differences as the cause for divorce. Following his divorce, Matt became involved with actress Andrea Anders after meeting her during the filming of “Joey” but separated early 2015.

LeBlanc has achieved a variety of awards for his acting and notable achievements. He was awarded a Golden Globe for best actor in TV Comedy in “Episodes” and was awarded by the Screen Writers Guild for his outstanding performance on “Friends” in 1995. LeBlanc is also proud of his record time in the eighteenth season of Top Gear beating Rowan Atkinson to take the fastest time, and reappeared in the following season to race in the updated car to beat his previous time.