MC Hammer Net Worth

Net Worth: $1.5 Million

  • Full Name: Stanley Kirk Burrell
  • Born: (03/30/1962)
  • Place of Birth: Oakland, California (USA)
  • Occupation: Dancer, entertainer, actor
  • Marital Status: Married to Stephanie Fuller

MC Hammer Net Worth History

MC Hammer’s success journey took off in 1980s when his dance moves enthralled the Americans and he gradually won hearts world over. Over the decade, he invented pop rap and mix in one. In fact, Hammer is credited for promoting pop rap is often regarded as the pioneer in the field of pop rap choreography.

Soon, towards end of the decade (1990s) he turned into a multi-millionaire and was being identified as first artist in the world to have acquired a Diamond status in terms of record sales of his performance albums.

In 1991, he also started a Saturday morning cartoon show named “Hammerman”. Despite facing bankruptcy towards end of the decade (Late 90s), the superstar managed to revive through his talent and innovation in dance techniques and making live performances. He took up preaching later and also emerged as popular star on small screen (TV show).

In 1991, his net worth went up to 33 million USD. However, due to lavish expenses on home, jets and other merchandise, he suffered a huge loss in 1996. However, he retained his value and came back to present net worth of 1.5 million USD.

In 2009, he started his own reality TV show “Hammertime” and served as the executive producer. He is currently also running a technology-oriented start-up company named WireDoo.

About Mc Hammer

Stanley Kirk Burrell, known popularly as MC Hammer, is an American hip-hop artist. He excels in dance, entrepreneurship and occasionally in acting. Hammer is credited for promoting pop rap. He is called forefather of pop rap choreography. His fame journey started in the 1980s and then there was no looking back for him until 1996, when he declared himself bankrupt.

Between 1980 and 1996, Hammer made record sales of his album, started a cartoon show, and furnished his personal life by marrying Stephanie Fuller and taking rap to a new high.

Owing to his investment in lavish lifestyle, he lost about 14 million USDs. However, his talent, popularity and multi-faceted approach brought him back to his riches soon.

In 2009, he produced his own reality TV show. The 53 year old Superstar still has his fans world over and his own five children are his greatest fans.

Hammer’s colourful career also saw a deviation towards preaching. After 10 years of extreme popularity, in early 90s, Hammer joined a Christian Ministry program on TBN.

His most popular pop rap records include “U can’t Touch This” and “2 Legit 2 Quit”. Hammer has also judged several dance shows. He later co-created the popular dance website

His father was a casino manager and a poker player. Hammer grew up in a poor family and made his initially living by selling baseballs. He was just 11 when he started working as clubhouse assistant in Oakland.

It was in his initial performance days in city clubs that people started addressing him as “Master of Ceremonies” and he was named as M.C. Hammer.

Hammer’s popular acts include Oaktown’s 3.5.7, special generation, analyse Common Unity, Teabag,Geeman, Stooge Playaz and Wee Wee.

Very few know that Hammer, who was an outstanding baseball player, wanted to make a career out of the sport in high school.