Mel Gibson Net Worth

Net Worth: $425 Million

  • Full Name: Mel Colm-Cille Gerard Gibson
  • Born: 01/03/1956
  • Place of Birth: Peekskill, New York
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Marital Status: Divorced

Mel Gibson Net Worth History

Gibson began acting while still a student, gaining attention early in Australia before transitioning to American films early in his career. After a two-year break in the middle of the 1980s to attend to his cattle station in Australia, he stepped up from headlining B-movies to the first of the Lethal Weapon movies, and by 1990 was firmly ensconced as a top leading man. Shrewdly, it was around this time that he began to use his own production company on many of these films, allowing him another cut of each film’s profit. By 1993 he was directing as well, so that on top of starring in one of the biggest action series in film history, he was also able to take a large slice from The Passion Of The Christ, which brought in over $370 million in domestic release alone. His worth was considered to be around $850 million before his divorce, in which his wife is believed to have taken half of his fortune.

About Mel Gibson

Iconically Australian, it comes as a surprise to many that Gibson was born in New York state, and in fact the sixth of eleven children wouldn’t move out to Australia until he was 12, when his father’s lawsuit against the New York State Railroad was settled. It’s believed that this move was intended to keep Gibson’s oldest brother from being drafted into the Vietnam war.

Trained for the theater rather than for film, his roots occasionally show even to this day; he played Estragon, opposite Geoffrey Rush, in a production of Waiting For Godot, though after Mad Max brought him to the attention of America, he has focused on theme, even producing a film adaptation of Hamlet.

Thanks to a strong working relationship with director Peter Weir, Gibson was an award-winner almost from the very beginning. It wasn’t until comparatively recently that his star attracted some tarnish, but since the release of the Passion of the Christ, and accompanying anti-Semitic comments by Gibson, some controversy has been associated with almost every appearance that Gibson makes, with accusations of racism, religious bigotry, and the troubles surrounding his separation and, ultimately, divorce from his wife – a process that extended for nearly four years.

In 2010, after audio recordings surfaced, Gibson was dropped by his then-agency, though forensic analysis has cast doubt on some of the recordings, and even his ex-wife testified that some claims of spousal abuse made in them were untrue.

Long-term friends Jodie Foster and Whoopi Goldberg spoke out in his defense, though Gibson didn’t discuss the subject until the following year when he felt that he could no longer maintain a public silence. In addition to these famous friends, he’s also known to have maintained close ties with Robert Downey Jr, who credits Gibson with support in overcoming his addiction to alcohol and helping him to move on into a life without drink.