Nicolas Cage Net Worth

Net Worth: $18 Million

  • Full Name: Nicolas Kim Coppola
  • Born: 01/07/1964
  • Place of Birth: Long Beach, California
  • Occupation: Actor and producer
  • Marital Status: Single with 2 Children

Nicolas Cage Net Worth History

When it was discovered that Nicolas Cage only has a $18 million dollar net worth something was a little off. How could one of the best actors on the planet be worth so little in terms of having a movie career? Keep in mind that Nicolas Cage is still worth more (financially) than most people on the planet. However, in terms of being a Hollywood hit maker that mount is just okay.

Cage’s net worth plummeted during the 2000s after the IRS discovered that he was not paying his taxes for years. As a result, Cage had to pay a whopping $13 million in taxes. He had spent so much money from his past earnings that he was literally placing himself in debt.

Nicolas Cage was a huge movie star all throughout the 80s and 90s. Though he had successful films during the 80s he really was on fire during the 90s. His best films during this era included Leaving Las Vegas (1995) which earned $32 million off of a $3.6 million budget. The Rock (1996) earned a whopping $336 million and was a huge box office success. He then turned around and did Con Air in (1997) which earned $224 million dollars globally. By this time, Cage had become a top notch Hollywood A-List actor that could literally command millions for his pictures. Just when you though Cage could not find any more success he did it once again in 1997 with the film Face Off co-starring John Travolta. The film made close to $246 million dollars. Cage was on a roll.

City of Angels came in 1998 and it made $198 million. Snake Eyes was released in 1998 as well and it made $101 million. Then in 2000 he appeared in Gone in 60 Seconds this film had amassed $237 million. He also did well the Family Man which was a movie that was released within the same year. This film made $124 million. From 2000 to 2004 Cage had made a number of films that did okay or poorly at the box office. In 2004 he starred in National Treasure which made $347 million dollars. Lord of War hit the theaters in 2005 and made $72 million and it was a great film. World Trade Center (2006) did well earning close to $163 million.

Starting with National Treasure, Cage started to reemerge as a powerful Hollywood personality. Ghost Rider (2007) made $228 million. Next (2007) made $76 million and National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets made $457 million. In 2009 he starred in Knowing which earned $187 million and the animated hit G-Force which grossed almost $293 million dollars. He appeared in the first Kick Ass (2010) film and it made $96 million. He also did Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010) which brought in $215 million. Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance (2012) and his last biggest money earning film was the Croods (2013)which amassed a fortune of $587 million dollars. This was Cage’s biggest earning film in his career.

Cage’s ability to make hits seems to rise and fall throughout the decades. If it was not for his financial troubles Cage probably would be well worth $500 million. Regardless, he is still a big name at the box office and most of his films where he appears will probably be big hits.

About Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage apparently has expensive tastes to go along with all of the money that he has made throughout his career. At one point this man owned close to 20 home all over the world and two of them were literally castles. He also had a fleet of the most expensive cars in the world, he had yachts and a private jet. Cage is certainly a man who is able to generate a lot of money and he can spend it just as easily.