Regis Philbin Net Worth

Net Worth: $150 Million

  • Full Name: Regis Francis Xavier Philbin
  • Born: 08/25/1931
  • Place of Birth: New York, New York
  • Occupation: TV Host
  • Marital Status: Married

Regis Philbin Net Worth History

While he didn’t get into the TV game until he was thirty, Regis quickly made up for lost time as one of those vying for the title of ‘hardest working man in show business’. He first came to national attention as Joey Bishop’s sidekick on The Joey Bishop Show, at which time he was obscure enough for trivia books to use him as the basis for a question – but two prearranged stunts by he and Bishop would raise the show’s profile and, when Bishop walked off at the start of his final show, also raise Philbin’s profile as he took over and handled the show on his own. By the late 1980s, however, he and Kathie Lee were the way millions of Americans woke up, welcomed into homes across the country during breakfast, and he was rapidly becoming a household name, moving from one successful show to an even bigger one. During all of this time, he was also hosting radio shows and TV game shows – and bringing in serious money from all of them; at one time toward the end of the last decade, he had two separated contracts which were each worth over $20 million annually. Add in guest appearances, often as himself, on many sitcoms, a brief appearance to commentate at Wrestlemania, and that most prestigious of invitations – voicing a character in a Disney movie – and it’s little wonder he’s amassed the kind of wealth that he has while remaining one of America’s most recognized and recognizable faces.

About Regis Philbin

Now in his seventies, Regis has over the past forty years not merely broken but smashed the previous world record for most hours spent on television. And if you think about his career and what you know of it, you may not be surprised by that – but would you be surprised to learn that he released a pop record, back in the 1960s? (It sank.)

Follow-up releases in the 2000s aimed more at an easy-listening crowd did better, as did his three volumes of autobiography, all released in 1995 and later. In these he is extremely candid about both work (for example, that his argument with Joey Bishop and Bishop’s walking off his final show were planned was only revealed in his third book) and his busy family life, with multiple children and, now, several grandchildren as well.

He’s undergone multiple surgeries, though the only one that kept him from working for any length of time was his heart surgery – after each of the others he was back at work the following day.

In recognition of his hard work, Regis Philbin is in multiple Halls of Fame, has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is a Disney Legend, and has a Lifetime Achievement Emmy which sits next to his two Daytime Emmys, the key to the City of New York, and countless other awards.