Robert De Niro Net Worth

Net Worth: $200 Million

  • Full Name: Robert De Niro
  • Born: 08/17/1943
  • Place of Birth: Manhattan, New York
  • Occupation: Actor and producer
  • Marital Status: Married with 6 children

Robert De Nero Net Worth History

Robert De Nero has been acting since the 1960s and has been in the business for well over 50 years. He has made over 90 films during his career and at age 72 he is still turning out movies. De Nero is also considered one of the top rated actors in all of history. Since Deniro has such a long career and has made so many great films over the years, his best pictures will be examined to help shed light on his net worth. Keep in mind that De Nero is also a producer and also receives some of his income from films that he has helped to finance.

Blood Mama hit theaters in 1970 and it earned a huge amount of money for its day. This was the 6th film that featured Robert De Nero and it earned $1.5 million dollars. This was an incredibly large sum for films back in 1970. However, De Nero really did not find success unit 1974 after the release of the Godfather. This film did not earn as much as Blood Mama but it skyrocketed his career and him as an iconic figure. The Godfather made $57 million dollars which was still a good return for its day.

Taxi Driver was released in 1976 and it earned $28 million in box office sales. While it was not a huge financial success this film also helped to build De Nero’s legacy. In 1978 De Nero starred in the Deer Hunter and it made the studios $49 million dollars. Raging Bull was released in 1980 and it made $23.4 million dollars. He won an Academy Award for this film. De Nero started to really earn big numbers once he did Untouchables in 1987. The film made $106 million dollars. He followed up with Midnight Run in 1988 and it grossed $81.6 million.

De Nero really started to take off in the 90s. He made Goodfellas in 1990 and this film managed to pull in $46 million. In 1991 his film Backdraft made $152 million and he played in Cape Fear which earned $182 million world wide. In 1992 De Nero played the monster in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and it earned $112 million. Heat was released in 1995 and it earned $65 million. Copland (1997) which starred De Nero made $44 million. He played in Jackie Brown (1997) which made $74 million.

His 1998 film Ronin did well. It made $70 million in box office sales. His 1999 comedy film Analyze This made $199 million and Men of Honor (2000) made $82 million. Meet the Parents with Ben Stiller was made in 2000 and it amassed $330 million at the Box Office. His film the Score earned $113 million in 2001 and in 2005 he made hide and seek which made $122 million. He starred in Silver Linings Playbook and it earned $236 million in 2012. He did Last Vegas in 2013 and it made $134 million. At least half of all De Nero’s films have been very big hit makers and this is why his net worth is so staggering. If De Nero appears in a film, chances are it is going to be a success and Hollywood knows this.

About Robert De Nero

It has been reported that in February of 2015 Robert De Nero owed a back tax amount of $6.4 million dollars and that the IRS had come to collect the sum. De Nero apparently paid the fee right on the spot. Many people might wonder how a person who is worth so much is having financial trouble and they might be surprised to know that this is not as uncommon as some would believe. De Nero might not have financial problems but he might have some money management issues. Even though he has encountered this problem he is not broke or bankrupt.