Tony Hawk Net Worth

Net Worth: $140 million

  • Full Name: Anthony Frank Hawk
  • Born: 05/12/1968
  • Place of Birth: Carlsbad, California, USA
  • Occupation: Skateboarder, Actor, Radio personality,
    Film Producer, Philanthropist
  • Marital Status: Married

Tony Hawk Net Worth History

At age 12, Tony Hawk had found his passion, skateboarding. He began achieving a reputation as being one of the best in his age group. Before he graduated from Torrey Pines High School in 1986, Tony Hawk was earning $100,000 a year from skating in competitions, making public appearances, and endorsing products such as Mountain Dew. He received a lucrative sponsorship from a company called Dogtown Skateboards. Between the ages of 14 to 16, he had achieved the reputation of being the best in the world and his earnings skyrocketed. Mr. Hawk also made a skating video (“Bones Brigade”) that is used today by skateboarders all around the world, as the best high-flying acrobatic standard. When Tony was 25 he had already completed 103 events, 73 of which he won or he finished second. He invested his money, with a friend named Per Welinder, into a start-up company called Birdhouse. Birdhouse became the largest skateboard franchise in the world, while Tony was still signing lucrative endorsement deals. In 1999, he collaborated with Activision and they created the top brand name everywhere – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game franchise. At the same time, Hawk started a clothing line for children called Hawk Clothing. With excellent financing behind him, Tony Hawk set out to set the record in the 900 degree revolution in one contest which was never done before. On his 11th effort, Tony accomplished this feat and it is in skateboard history. He is still operating his skateboard company and his extreme sports competition – the Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom Huck Jam is an ongoing competition. Adding to his income, are his regular guest shots on TV, in films, plus he hosts a Sirius XM weekly sports show.

About Tony Hawk:

Better known as “The Birdman,” Anthony Frank Hawk, was born in San Diego, Calfifornia to Frank Peter Rupert and Nancy Hawk. His father was a retired U.S. Navy officer and a salesman for small appliances. His mother was a homemaker and a part-time business teacher. Tony has an older brother who totally supports him, as does Tony’s father. To say they had their hands full with raising young Tony, is an understatement. Tony Hawk admits that he frustrated his parents and he called himself a “demon” child. Not only was he a high energy child, but he always set high standards for himself and when he did not meet his personal goals, he would sulk and pout for days.

His mother recalls how during a baseball game, Tony was so upset that he did not do well in the game, that he ran away from home and hid out in a ravine. His father had to go and literally drag him out. Tony’s parents soon took him to see a psychologist, who diagnosed Tony with being a bright child who is bored and that they should find something that he likes to improve his self-esteem. Tony Hawk had an IQ of 144, which only made him unfocused and frustrated. His older brother brought Tony a second-hand skateboard because that seemed to be what all kids his age were into and his father built a skating ramp in the backyard. The rest is history, Tony took to the skateboard like a fish to water and he began practicing up to six hours every day. As talented as Tony Hawk is in the sport of skateboarding, it took a toll on his personal life. He has four children who love skateboarding and they are “Hawking” too. However, he has been married three times, they all ended in divorce.

Tony Hawk continues to lend his name to a host of products, including toys, shoes, clothing, and DVDs. Top snack and fast food manufacturers use him to endorse their deals, such as Hersey’s, Frito Lay, and McDonald’s. Tony Hawk has invented nearly 100 tricks and moves that are still emulated today. He remains on the top athlete list for young kids and teens today. He is a great philanthropist with his donation of more than 3.2 million dollars to build skate parks for children throughout the United States. His Tony Hawk Foundation provides skateparks to low-income urban areas and todate he and his Foundation has built well over 125 parks.