Tracy Morgan Net Worth

Net Worth: $18 million

  • Full Name: Tracy Jamal Morg
  • Born: 11/10/1968
  • Place of Birth: The Bronx, New York
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Marital Status: Divorced

Tracy Morgan Net Worth History

Tracy Morgan gained popularity for his many hilarious performances delivered on Saturday Night Live (SNL). Over the years, thanks to his popularity on film and television, he has accumulated at least $18 million for himself. Overall, Morgan has completed and taken part in eight seasons of SNL, before leaving the show on a regular basis back in 2003. Although, he has appeared on it since then in a variety of circumstances. Since leaving the show he has pursued comedy more and film, and it’s clear that audiences like him and his style of comedy. He’s earned the bulk of his wealth from SNL and through the various performances he has had. Morgan has also earned from his animated movies like Rio and The Boxtrolls, for which he offered just a voice performance. We’ve also seen him working alongside other SNL veterans on 30 Rock however, and alongside A-list celebrities on films like Cop Out with Bruce Willis and The Longest Yard with Adam Sandler. From 2006 to 2013 Morgan has been a regular cast member on 30 Rock, and he was nominated over his performance as an Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for the 2009 Emmy Awards.

About Tracy Morgan

Back in 1996 Morgan joined SNL and he was a regular on the show up until 2003. He then returned to the show in 2009 to host and we saw him reprise various roles. He also later appeared on a Christmas SNL special in 2011. It’s clear that SNL launched the career of Morgan, and he comes back from time to time, in order to offer some new energy and creative spirit on a variety of skits. When he isn’t busy working on 30 Rock or SNL, he’s been involved in a number of other film projects. Morgan was also cast as a regular on the show Uptown Comedy Club, which only aired for two seasons. Morgan was also involved in the HBO series Snaps and HBO’s Def Comedy Jam. Tracy Morgan is good at entertaining people, and his $18 million in wealth is a clear reflection of that.

Not only has he appeared on television shows and in movies, but we’ve also seen Morgan host a variety of shows as well. He’s been in commercials, hosted VH1 Hip Hop Honors for at least 2 years, and he hosted the third season of Scare Tactics. He’s done voice work for Disney’s film G-Force, and Blue Sky Studio’s Rio, and he humorously appeared on the 2012 NHL Awards show back in 2012. Morgan gets a lot of offers to appear at a variety of events, and he keeps the crowds happy. He is as hilarious off-screen as he is on. One of his biggest hosting gigs was back when he hosted the Billboard Music Awards back in 2013. He’s also had an autobiography released, back in 2009. Though there have been many controversies over the years, they haven’t tarnished his reputation too much. Morgan filed for divorce from his wife of roughly 23 years, back in 2009, and he hasn’t re-married since.