Wayne Newton Net Worth

Net Worth: $100 Million

  • Full name: Carson Wayne Newton
  • Birth: (04/03/1942)
  • Place of birth: Norfolk, Virginia
  • Occupation: actor and singer
  • Marital status: married

Wayne Newton net worth history

Wayne Newton seems to have spent most of his life as a singer. His substantial net worth of $100 million is almost entirely down to his earnings as a singer and less importantly as an actor.

The majority of Wayne Newton’s net worth has been earned from the solo shows that he performs in the clubs of Las Vega, Nevada. Indeed he has been performing for so long there that he has gained the nickname of Mr Las Vegas. The last time anyone bothered to count Wayne Newton had already performed well over 30,000 shows, and he has done many more concerts since then.

The money he is paid for doing these shows in Las Vegas means that Wayne Newton has never felt the need to, or have the urge to record and release records to make him money. His revenue from the shows has given him a net worth that is actually greater than some of the bands and singers that have released million selling albums and then gone on long and tiring world tours. Newton has got himself a great income that does not involve heavy recording and touring schedules that take up lots of time and effort, and leave him with less money.

Wayne Newton did have a recording career, and actually had a couple of hit singles in the 1960’s and 1970’s that sold over a million copies in the US. Newton has not released a record since The Letter in 1992. So his earnings are a lot higher than groups and singers that have not had a hit since 1992 and do not give concerts in Las Vegas all year round.

Wayne Newton has been in Las Vegas for that long he has been included in movies and TV programs as they believe he makes them look more authentic. He has made plenty of cameo appearances, that they have added further to his net worth.

Aside from singing Newton has therefore appeared in quite a few films that include 80 Steps to Jonah, Night of the Running Man, and Elvis Has Left The Building. Over the decades he has been in numerous TV programs and shows, some of the these shows have become highly iconic for the American public. For instance, Wayne Newton has been in Bonanza, Here’s Lucy, The Pretender, and Dancing with the Stars.

About Wayne Newton

Music, singing, and acting is what Wayne Newton has been doing all his life, yet he does have a private life outside of show business. To begin with he has been married twice.

His first wife was Elaine Okamura, they were married between 1968 and 1985. As she could not have children, they adopted their daughter Erin in 1976. They divorced in 1985, and continue to stay in touch with Erin.

He is currently married to Kathleen McCrone, and they have a daughter, Lauren Ashley Newton who was born in 2002.