Allen Iverson Net Worth

Net Worth: $30 Million

  • Full Name: Allen Ezail Iverson
  • Date of Birth: 06/07/1975
  • Place of Birth: Hampton, VA
  • Occupation: Athlete (retired)
  • Marital Status: Divorced

About Allen Net Worth History

Allen Iverson made his money from a long and distinguished professional basketball career; approximately one third of this came courtesy of endorsement deals. While the first three years of his first professional contract “only” came to $8.9 Million, his first endorsement deal with Reebok, signed the same year as his rookie contract, came to $50 Million over ten years. This deal was extended into a contract for the entirety of his playing career, with the money being kept in a trust fund and doled out in annual payments of $1 Million. In the final year of his rookie contract, Iverson signed a six-year extension worth $70 Million. Once this contract had expired, he signed one-year contracts in back-to-back years, finally retiring after earning $98,515,668 dollars from his NBA career. He made an additional $4 Million from playing in Turkey. All told, he made over $150 Million from his playing career.

In spite of this, Iverson has been a big spender since his rookie deal. He frequented casinos, partied heavily, and showered friends and family members with gifts. Many of those who grow up without money, once they get it, tend to spend it frivolously on big-ticket, often garish possessions; Iverson was a classic case of this. Now that he could afford the finest, he wanted to give himself, his family, and his friends the finest. This desire, combined with numerous lawsuits stemming from altercations in nightclubs, his defaulting on jewelry payments, and his divorce, has wiped out all but the millions he had accrued from playing basketball. Now, even though he has $30 Million remaining in his Reebok trust fund, he only has access to $1 Million in any given year.

About Allen Iverson

Allen was born to a 15-year old single mother in Hampton, Virginia. His father was never in the picture. His mother was not around frequently, so he often had to take care of his little sister as well as himself. Sports were his release. Hampton, according to multiple reports, is a city that worships its high-school athletics; Iverson grew up to be the best athlete the town had ever seen, picking up nicknames like “The Answer” and “AI”. Though he was always known for his personal generosity, even though he grew up in relative poverty, he was also known for having a nose for trouble. He did four months in prison for his part in a bowling alley fight. He overcame this background and went on to star at Georgetown for two years. He acquired and still lives by the toughness he had to foster to survive as a youth. He has strong ties with his five children, but is divorced. He has always been fascinating, no matter if he was riding high or down in the dumps. What is indisputable, however, is that he was one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and that his is the classic NBA story.