Anderson Silva Net Worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

  • Full Name: Anderson da Silva
  • Born: April 14. 1975
  • Place of Birth: Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Occupation: UFC Fighter
  • Marital Status: Single

Anderson Silva’s Net worth History

As a UFC fighter, Anderson da Silva has many accomplishments to his name for his fighting career that ran from the year 1997 to the year 2013 before he retired to be a martial arts specialist. He then came back to the UFC for a 15-fight contract that is ongoing.

Anderson Silva has numerous titles to his name and holds a number of records in his career in the UFC. His titles together with post fight bonuses and heavy endorsements from companies such as 9INE, Burger King, Nike and Budweiser have made him flourish in terms of finances. Silva recently has a 15 match contract with the UFC that pays him for every match that he fights in making him a very wealthy UFC fighter.

Through his career, Silva has a successful run and out of 40 matches, he won 33 of the matches. Silva’s defeat that made him lose his title brought him to retirement from the UFC in 2015. His comeback from retirement in the year 2014 came as a big blow where he tested positive for steroids in a match.

With numerous awards to his name and a record 10 title defenses and the longest UFC win streak in history, Silva put himself amongst the greatest UFC fighters in the middleweight category. 18 Years in the game for Silva has made him prove himself from the fans to the endorsements he receives and the adverts that he has featured in that he is more than just a fighter.

In the year 2015, Anderson da Silva has a net worth of about 10 million USD.

About Anderson Silva

Born in a family of four in a humble family in Sao Paulo, Anderson da Silva started his career by learning jiu-jitsu from his friends whose parents were able to pay for the classes. Silva worked as a file clerk in a few companies and in McDonalds before he officially began his career as a martial arts fighter. He holds a black belt for martial arts.

In the year 1997, Silva began his career with a record number of wins with either submission, knock out or unanimous decision. Silva throughout his career has come face-to-face with many opponents who have fallen to defeat from the Brazilian. In the year 2006, Silva was the middleweight UFC champion as the first Brazilian to receive that title.

Silva defended his title against fighters from the United States and lost his title after defending it for a record 10 times. His failure to reclaim the title was in 2013 and he retired.

In 2014, Silva came back to the UFC with a new contract but after a fight in 2015, the post match tests had him test positive for steroids.

With a record career with awards from World MMA, Sports Illustrated, Spike Guy’s Choice and Sherdog; Anderson da Silva lives to be one of the greatest fighters in the UFC.