Brock Lesnar Net Worth

Net Worth: $16 Million

  • Full Name: Brock Edward Lesnar
  • Born: 06/12/1977
  • Place of Birth: Webster, South Dakota
  • Occupation: Pro Wrestler/MMA Fighter
  • Marital Status: Married

Brock Lesnar Net Worth History

Lesnar’s early life on his parents’ dairy farm stood him in good stead for the upcoming rigors of his amateur wrestling career in high school. A multi-time NCAA All-American, Lesnar was immediately recruited into WWE developmental by Head of Talent Relations Jim Ross, who along with ECW innovator Paul Heyman groomed him for the top. Audiences immediately responded to his speed, size, and impressive athletic ability and he was marked for a push to the top, spending two years in developmental, then two years at the very top of the roster before leaving at the end of his contract, a household name and a success, with a victory in a marquee match at Wrestlemania XX. An attempt at a professional football career was cut short by a motorcycle accident, leading Lesnar instead to enter the world of MMA where he was signed by the UFC as a special attraction. His time there was short and plagued by illness, but he nonetheless drew the company it’s highest PPV buyrates to date and became UFC champion in short order, demonstrating an unorthodox power-based style backed up by his amateur wrestling experience. Having already earned serious box office income through his time with the UFC, he returned to pro wrestling with the WWE four years ago, signing a contract which guarantees a minimum of $5 million annually to work around ten dates, with significant overpayment if he’s asked to do more.

About Brock Lesnar

The only man to appear in a professional wrestling, MMA, and professional football video game, Lesnar can make a case to be a more successful multi-sport athlete than Bo Jackson. Known for his soft voice, impressive striking power, and in the WWE, his penchant for taking opponents to Suplex City, this Minnesotan is an incredible physical specimen who says he owes it all to a workout regime built around the chores he performed on his parents’ farm.

He credits this strength and resilience with helping him overcome not only the extensive injuries that kept him from playing a full season with the Minnesota Vikings after his motorcycle was struck by a minivan, but also with enduring and surviving multiple bouts of diverticulitis, a potentially lethal condition which led to Lesnar’s UFC championship being held up while he recovered, forcing the company to the unprecedented step of creating an Interim Championship.

In his first match on return from illness he defeated the Interim Champion to become undisputed UFC champion once again, despite the fact it would soon be found that the debilitating effects of diverticulitis had not left him; he left the company while recovering a second time, to the satisfaction and frustration of many fans, who had expected the former pro wrestler to sink as his ‘fake fighting’ background would not support him.

As it turned out, Lesnar was a tremendous success and left at the top; an attempt to re-sign him in 2015 for around ten times his previous contract failed, with Lesnar citing his WWE deal allowing him more time to spend with his wife and family.