Charles Barkley Net Wprth

Net Worth: $40 Million

  • Full Name: Charles Wade Barkley
  • Born: 02/20/1963
  • Birthplace: Leeds, Alabama
  • Occupation: Athlete
  • Marital Status: Married

Charles Barkley’s net worth history

Most of Charles Barkley’s wealth was earned as a star player in the National Basketball Association during a career that spanned 16 seasons. His highest annual salary was $9,000,000 which he received from the Houston Rockets in his final season. Barkley has also earned money for promoting various products over the years including: Nike Shoes, McDonald’s restaurants, T Mobile phones, and the Weight Watcher’s dieting program. Currently, Barkley earns money doing sports commentary for the TNT network’s basketball games. Barkley’s current worth might be higher were it not for the estimated $10,000,000 he has admitted to losing gambling over the years; of course it would be higher if he had won more often too.

About Charles Barkley

In spite of averaging over 19 points and almost 18 rebounds a game his senior year in high school Charles Barkley drew little attention for his basketball playing prowess until an assistant to the Auburn University basketball coach saw him in the semi finals of the state tournament that year. Barkley played three seasons at Auburn during which he averaged over 14 points and nearly 10 rebounds a game. Auburn officially considers Barkley one of their best basketball players ever, and have retired his number in tribute. In his final season at Auburn Barkley was chosen as a second team All-American.

Charles Barkley made himself available for the 1984 NBA draft following his Junior year at Auburn. The Philadelphia 76ers selected him with the fifth pick in the first round that year. Barkley played well enough in his initial season to be selected to the All Rookie team. Barkley played eight seasons for Philadelphia. However, he expressed a desire to be traded following the 1992 season because the 76ers had failed to make the playoffs. Philadelphia responded by trading him to the Phoenix Suns for whom Barkley played four seasons. This was followed by a four year stint with the Houston Rockets.

Charles Barkley may have been one of the most unusual basketball stars to ever lace up sneakers. Throughout his career he regularly held his own against players taller, and or (seemingly) more athletic than himself. In spite of a physique that some people have been so blunt as to describe as fat, Barkley used agility, footwork and basketball savvy to dominate rivals. The positive results are attested to by the many rewards and honors he has won including: 1993 Most Valuable Player award, 11 all star game appearances, 5 first team NBA all star selections, NBA 50th anniversary all star team selection. He also earned two gold medals as a member of the 1992 and 1996 United States Olympic basketball teams. In 1992 Barkley led a team that included Michel Jordan and Magic Johnson in scoring. He was also the United States team’s leader in scoring for the 1996 games. Charles Barkley’s many accomplishment in his basketball career are in sharp contrast to the glaring void left by his failure to ever earn an NBA championship trophy.

Barkley has been an Analyst for TNT since 2000. His primary role has been as a pregame and halftime analyst. for NBA games broadcast on Turner Network Television. Barkley has also been a commentator for NCAA men’s basketball games since 2011. He is well known for his insightful perspective on players and teams alike.

Charles Barkley has gained a reputation over the years for impulsive action and frank speech. He frequently earned technical fouls in his career and once elbowed an opponent during an Olympic contest the United States team eventually won by over 60 points. One incident, about which Barkley has expressed regret, involved him spitting on a female fan at a basketball game. He apologized and made peace with the girl and her family. In Charles’ defense it must be acknowledged he intended to spit on the fan, sitting next to the girl, who had been taunting him with racial slurs. The 2006 basketball Hall of Fame inductee is well known for his outspoken and often unexpected views on numerous topics. At one point he gave strong consideration to running for Governor of Alabama. Basketball fans can be grateful he has given that up for now at least.