Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth

Net Worth: $310 Million

  • Full Name: Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro
  • Born: 5 February 1985
  • Place Of Birth: Portugal
  • Occupation: Athlete
  • Marital Status: Single

Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth History

When you’re a superstar in the modern era of soccer, you really can make a fortune. Ronaldo (for short) is one of those truly elite stars who is a household name around the world, a player kid’s (and plenty of adults) dream of being able to emulate. In the hard world of soccer finance – this makes him extremely valuable, as not only a player on the pitch for his club but as a brand. Hundreds of thousands of people buy Real Madrid or Portugal shirts with his name on the back, for which he receives a percentage due to the imaging rights associated with his contract. Sure his basic salary may be one of the highest in sporting history (around $1m per week) but it’s the marketing deals that make him this valuable. Only Lionel Messi and the retired David Beckham are in this stratospheric level of wealth – for now at least.

About Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has always had an edge to him that only his superseding talent has been able to keep truly in check. Born into very modest beginnings the only likelihood he had of escaping a life in his working class neighborhood was using the inherent natural skill with his feet and a football. Expelled from school for being disruptive and assaulting a teacher.

Such dis-respectfulness may have put many employers off from picking up this hotheaded teenager, but not Sporting Lisbon, one of the biggest clubs in Portugal who swiftly picked him up from his local side. Propelled pretty straight much into their first team squad, the bright eyed 17 year old Ronaldo was suddenly bedazzling his fans with regular superb displays.

Ronaldo has always had a driving ambition and a fearlessness both on and off the pitch. A move to the rigorous tough EPL with Manchester United for a $18m fee – at the time a rare sum for a bright eyed yet raw kid little known outside of Portugal – was deemed a risk. Yet he developed well after a stop-start first season or two, becoming another fans favorite not least because of his good looks and cheeky style.

At first starting as a winger using his tricks to outsmart more physical defenders, as he grew into his twenties Ronaldo put on considerable muscle mass, yet retaining the speed and acceleration that had made him such a special talent. Even now at 30 he is a model athlete, a solid brick of explosive power that he has used to remold himself into a striker with record-breaking levels. Since moving to Madrid for a world record fee in his mid twenties, Ronaldo has scored over a goal a game – a ratio that is set to define his place as one of the very best players of all time. A good striker would expect a 1:3 goal per game ratio, an international standard one maybe at best 2:1.

Indeed of his peers on his rival legend Lionel Messi, conveniently the star player of Real Madrid’s arch rivals Barcelona can compare. Although different in style they are equally effective – and of course, wealthy. His personal accolades include over 100 international caps for Portugal, being current and prior World Player of the Year and a colossal number of club and personal honors in both England and Spain.

His endorsement deals include global brands such as Armani and Nike, alongside his own fashion label CR7 (named after himself and his shirt number). Of current earning sports stars he is second only to boxer Flord Mayweather, earning in the region of $74m in 2014. Despite his occasional outburst or hi-jinks on the field, Ronaldo is surprisingly private in his own life, and despite a string of girlfriends is current enjoying playing the soccer he was so clearly born to play.