David Beckham’s Net Worth

Net Worth: $350 Million

  • Full Name: David Robert Joseph Beckham
  • Born: May 2 1975
  • Place of Birth: England
  • Occupation: Athlete

David Beckham Net Worth History

David Beckham made his professional soccer debut for Manchester United just as the game was beginning to become seriously wealthy. Most of this money came from satellite TV and endorsement deals – and no player has made as much from the game that Beckham. Capitalizing on being a very good player who was also very handsome and came over to the world public as an all round good eye, he slowly amassed his fortune as the game become ever richer. Beckham also had the advantage of playing for the richest teams in their leagues – Real Madrid, LA Galaxy and PSG all followed Manchester United with major signing on fees and eye-watering wages.

About David Beckham

Born in London but moving to Manchester United a a young teenager, Beckham was already tipped for the top. He had clearly a great deal of talent on both the wing and center of midfield where his range of passing and eye for a goal attracted England’s most successful club. His playing career was announced with a sensational 50 yard goal in 1995 and he was soon selected for England as well as being a first team choice for United.

As the season’s passed Beckham was made Captain of England, twice nominated for the World Player Of The Year (despite never being likely to win) and married ‘Posh Spice’ Victoria Beckham in the British celebrity pairing of the century. Still together after the occasional up and down over their marriage, it’s believed that their combined wealth is close to a staggering $700m.

Beckham really was the player who led the way in becoming a cash creating player, while also massively enriching himself too. He was signed by Real Madrid because they new that despite the high fee, wages and financial add-on clauses that he would make them money. This was thanks to merchandising rights especially in the emergent football zones of East Asia, where people were becoming more wealthy – they could sell products bearing ‘Brand Beckham’ as it became known for many times their outlay on the player.

The move to LA Galaxy is an interesting one and where Beckham made serious money. The US League needed a star to promote the league and attract interest, and with Galaxy making Beckham a ‘designated player’ they could pay him pretty much whatever they wanted. Beckham earned around $5m a year in basic salary with Galaxy – and then an extra $35m a year in endorsement income. This while playing in a team where plenty of his fellow players would earn $40k per year.

As a global celebrity David Beckham has made the absolute best of what he had – charisma and a useful right foot. Even though well past his best loan spells with AC Milan (while the US league was on vacation) and a subsequent 2013 move to oil-rich PSG served to show that just by being in their squads he could pull in masses of income. It’s likely that in the future people will consider Beckham to be the first player who fans followed regardless of where he played – and at still only 40 he has plenty more time to enjoy his wealth.

Movie roles, restaurants and property development have all been touted or become another part of the Brand Beckham. One things for certain, he’s certainly got the world at his feet.