Lionel Messi – Net Worth

Net Worth: $210 Million

  • Real Name- Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini – Aka Leo Messi
  • Born- June 24th 1987
  • Birthplace- Rosario Santa Fe Province , Argentina
  • Occupation- Professional Footballer for FC Barcelona
  • Marital Status- Single

Lionel Messi – Net Worth History

Lionel Messi was born in Rosario which is still considered his hometown. Rosario Santa Fe is in Argentina. He is a professional football player for the Spanish Club FC Barcelona. His position is a forward on the team and he had received his first FIFA World Player of the Year nomination by the time he turned 21. His professional career began at 21 but he has played the sport of football his entire young life.

When Lionel Messi turned 22 he won his first award for FIFA World Player of the Year and has followed with awards since 2009. In 2010 Lionel won best player in Europe and also became Barcelona’s all-time top scorer. He is now considered one of the best footballers of all time in the club at age 27.

His accomplishments in Football are the reason he has such a large net worth and it is growing with a new advert for Adidas that has just come out in 2015. Lionel Messi also won an Olympic medal for the Argentina Olympic Football team before he even began his stellar career in 2008. In 2014 he received the Golden Ball Award in 2013 and continues to drive up record setting goals in each competition and season he plays. In the 2012 season he finished with a record setting 73 goals.

Along with his record setting career for his professional football playing Lionel is also completely endorsing Adidas with a huge statement about individuality and living up to your own standard by not following others achievements but doing your own.

He has added so much to his net worth by showing off his individual talent for his teams. Lionel Messi became a father and has a tattoo of his son Thiago’s handprints on his calf. The much anticipated birth by fans was answered by his league page on the day Thiago was born.

Lionel Messi keeps his game up with practice and has played his whole life as a team player but has the individual talent to break records far and wide. Lionel didn’t just start playing and this is the evidence of practice making an athlete perfect. He has been a footballer since his youth and involved deeply in engaging in the sport and he loves his fans.

A beautiful smile and handsome face help Lionel to stay popular but his playing is the reason he is who he is and practice is the reason for the records he continues to break. Goals are about setting goals in athletic competition and the greatest athletes professionally or otherwise are those who play the sport they participate in with passion and practice.

Lionel Messi is a serious professional athlete and will continue to rise in Net Worth because he knows the value of real game play with the foundation of practice. He continues to show the world of football he is here to stay by bringing it to the field every game.