Phil Jackson Net Worth

Net Worth: $45 Million

  • Full Name:Philip Douglas Jackson
  • Born: 09/17/1945
  • Place of Birth: Deer Lodge, Montana, USA
  • Occupation: Basketball Coach
  • Marital Status: Divorced

Phil Jackson Net Worth History

Phil started out as a basketball player for North Dakota, with an excellent aptitude for teh game. He had everything going for him including brains, talent and drive, but he was unable to reach the level of star player. This did not hold him back. He launched his coaching career in the lower leagues until his big break in 1987. It was then that he was hired as the assistant coach for the Chicago Bulls. He was promoted in 1989 to head coach. He maintained this potition for 10 years. He led the team in achieving six champtionships through his amazing leadership abilities. He went on to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to three titles. The bulk of Phil’s net worth has been from his coaching career, and in particular, while head coach of successful teams.

About Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson was the son of an Assemblies of God minister, so he and his siblings were not allowed to participate iin many of the activities that other kids his age were. When it came to sports, this was a different story. Phil was played baseball, football and basketball in high school. He was recruited into the North Dakota basketball team as a player and in 1967, was drafter by the New York Knicks, retiring as a player in 1980. Phil’s successful approach to coaching basketball includes Native American spirituality and Eastern philosphy, and his solid coaching base has earned him a reputation as one of the best basketball coaches in America. He has coached players with mega talent such as Dennis Rodman and Michael Jordan.

He has reached pinnacles in his career, but Phil Jackson has not been without his share of difficulty. Even though the Bulls were successful, Jackson and Jerry Krause, general manager of the Bulls developed a tense relationship. Jackson went absent after the 1998 title for a year, as coach and then became head coach for the L.A Lakers in 1999. Although his success with the team was immediate, he and Kobe Bryant did not get along well. He also had difficulties in his relationship with Shaquille O’Neal. Jackson left his coaching position with the Lakers in 2004, which was not a good year for the team. He was rehirred for the next season and rallied the team for an improved year of success. With impressive statistics, Phil achieved his 900th game, winning in January 2007. His income at that time was a cool $10 million, placing him in the position of the highest paid coach in the history of the NBA>

Phil married Maxine, his first wife in 1967, but the marriage ended in 1972. He married his second wife June in 1974 and the couple had four children together. They separated and divorced in 2000. Jackson admitted to using LSD and marijuana. This came after his diagnosis of prostate cancer. Phil is currently dating Jeannie Buss, daughter of Jerry Buss.