Tiger Woods Net Worth

Net Worth: $600 Million

  • Full Name: Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods
  • Born: 12/30/1975
  • Place of Birth: Cypress, California, USA
  • Occupation: Athlete
  • Marital Status: Divorced

Tiger Woods Net Worth History

Tiger Woods has been a professional golfer for 17 years and a quite successful one at that. He won the Masters in 1997, earning prize money of $486,000, winning the game with a record breaking 12 strokes. Notoriety of his skills for the game opened up other opportunities for high paying endorsement contracts. Tiger went on to become the number one golfer in the world in June 1997. Tiger remained number one from 1999 to 2004. He rose to number one again from 2005 to 2010, then his game declined until he won the Chevron World Challenge in 2011. His golf game was an experience of ups and downs, but mostly ups, bringing in millions of dollars in prize money. When Tiger participated in a golf Tournament in Turkey in 2014, he was paid over $3,000,000 and he has a reputation for receiving high dollar fees just for putting in an appearance in high ranking golf tournaments.

Adding to his already staggering net wealth, his endorsement of the Nike corporation brings in between $10 and $20 million per year. He also endorses several other larger to small companies for large endorsement fees. As with many talented athletes, Tiger’s stamp of approval on any brand helps to drive up sales, so this makes him one of the most marketable personalities on the planet.

About Tiger Woods

Tiger married Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren of Sweden in October of 2004. After news of his many counts of infidelity was revealed, the couple divorced in August of 2010. The divorce was widely publicized and it cost Tiger the respect of some fellow players and fans alike. The golfer that introduced him to Elin had regrets and felt remorse because of the damage that the extramarital affairs cost Elin. They have two children together. The divorce cost Tiger over $110,000,000, but it hasn’t seemed to phase him as he just keeps gaining in net worth. Woods dated Olympic athlete Lindsey Vonn, but the two ended the relationship this year amid allegations that Tiger had been unfaithful with the wife of a fellow golfer. He remains single for the time.

Tiger is currently living in Jupiter Island, Florida and the home that he had custom built has cost him in excess of $55 million. He has extravagant tastes and lives a luxurious life style. Tiger spent over $2 million on a customized yacht, owns several luxury homes and high end automobiles. Woods also owns a private jet for travelling. He was formerly a student of the prestigious Stanford University, but dropped out before finishing his program of study. Being a college dropout has not slowed this tremendous athlete down. He has his moments of ups and downs, particularly when it comes to romantic relationships and the game of golf, but he manages to overcome them and rise to the top. Tiger continues to compete on a professional level, and to endorse products that keep paying royalties so even though he spends a lot, Tiger Woods seems to know how to make much more.