Chris Hughes Net Worth

Net Worth: $850 Million

  • Full Name: Chris Hughes
  • Born: 11/26/1983
  • Place of Birth: Hickory, North Carolina, United States
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur
  • Marital Status: Married

Chris Hughes Net Worth History

When it comes to the success of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg didn’t get there all on his own. He had a little bit of help, in-fact he had a lot of help, and it came from tech-minded fellow Harvard classmate Chris Hughes. Thanks to what Facebook has become, Hughes has now become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, let alone in just America. He isn’t even 40 years of age yet and he is already worth an estimate $850 million. He has the success of Facebook to thank for his wealth. During his freshman year at Harvard, he met and began working with Zuckerberg. Hughes played a large role in the early development of Facebook, as he was in charge of beta testing and product suggestions. In 2007 he left working with Facebook, to focus more of his efforts on political endeavors. He started working with the Obama campaign in 2007, and he was in charge of their online social networking website. Since then he has married and his spouse has tried to run for a political position in New York, but he lost the seat by roughly 30 points. When it comes to his hundreds of millions of dollars, Facebook is the reason that Hughes is among the wealthy elite today. The website itself remains one of the most popular in the world and it continues to pull-in millions of dollars in revenue every single year.

About Chris Hughes

Hughes has also been a publisher and editor-in-chief of The New Republic, after he purchased the magazine back in 2012. He is now the Executive Chairman and Publisher of the establishment. Since seeing his bank account soar, after reviving success with Facebook, Hughes is not among one of the most successful human beings in the world. His minority stake in the company is worth hundreds of millions and he is set for the rest of his life. He doesn’t need to take on any other employment gigs, because he’s earned enough to meet his needs. Hughes has been named Entrepreneur in Residence at General Catalyst Partners, back in March of 2009. The GCP is a Cambridge venture-capital firm. He was also the Executive Director of Jumo, which is a non-profit social networking organization that he founded back in 2010. He’s also been tasked with developing HIV prevention programs, alongside renowned politicians, business leaders, human rights activists, and scientists. Hughes is married to Sean Eldridge, who is the Political Director of Freedom to Marry. This establishment is an organization that advocates for same-sex couples to marry within the United States. The two got engaged in 2011 and later married in the summer of 2012. Together they reside in New York. Hughes has also been lucky enough to receive an invite to the infamous Bilderberg Group meeting, and he actually attended the Swiss 2011 Bilderberg conference that was held. For those who don’t know, the Bilderberg meetings are held in complete secrecy and everyone from presidential candidates to billionaire business owners have attended throughout the years.