Don King Net Worth

Net Worth: $150 Million

  • Full Name: Donald King
  • Born: August 20, 1931
  • Place of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Occupation: Boxing Promoter
  • Marital Status: Widower

Don King Net Worth History

King has made his fortune over a several decade long career, progressing from back-room bookmaking operations all the way to the glitz and glamor of world championship boxing. He really hit the big-time when managing to convince Mohammed Ali to fight as the headliner or one of his promotions, drawing in several millions per appearance. His promotions company has since been one of the largest and most controversial in the sport, providing King was consistently impressive revenue streams. As a byline has has a number of smaller business interests such as music promotion, but boxing is without question King’s true forte.

About Don King

Early prospects didn’t look too great for King. Born into a poor family with very few prospects he found himself street hustling for much of his early and teenage life. This early association with the ‘dark economy’ has followed him throughout his life, even though multiple lawsuits have never been able to draw any direct relation between king and criminal endeavors.

However his formative years certainly taught King how to handle himself, as few other faces in the sport exude the confidence that seems to come so very naturally to him. Never afraid to stand up for himself in a war of words – his public statements often veering remarkably close to dramatic performance – he is one of the most recognizable figures in boxing. Yet his public profile has done little to protect him from a number of very high profile lawsuits raised by former boxers from his stable and media production companies, typically leveling accusations of King having embezzled them.

Yet before delving too deep into the more negative side of King, let’s put the success that he has managed to achieve into a genuine context. King has done remarkably well to climb to where he has reached and, perhaps even more impressively, stay there for the best part of forty years. He has promoted some of the most historic bouts in boxing history, the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ and the ‘Thrilla in Manila’ being two of standout moments of 20th century sport. There’s barely a single elite fighter who has not at some stage been associated with King or the events that he has arranged.

King has often retaliated to claims that he has murky business associations with the straightforward reply that these allegations are founded upon racism and jealousy. He has been questioned in relation to his association with John Gotti for example; yet King has always been proven to be just the right side of outside of such circles. In his defense he can always claim that it makes no difference to him who watches and participates in the sport he promotes – he’s just the showman.

A noted Republican with three daughters, King has been widowed for over a decade and has become somewhat less visible in recent years. This is of course relative – he still makes regular interviews and comments to promote his business interests when needed.