Gordon Ramsey Net Worth

Net Worth: $118 Million

  • Full Name: Gordon James Ramsey (OBE)
  • Born: November 6, 1966
  • Place of Birth: Scotland
  • Occupation: Chef & Restaurateur

Gordon Ramsey Net Wealth History

Estimates vary as to Ramsey’s total wealth but presuming one includes his assets and shares in ventures the figure of $110m + seems reasonable. Ramsey took an unusual approach to making to his money, as when young he was a promising soccer player who trained with one of Scotland’s largest clubs, Glasgow Rangers, until sustaining a horrific career ending injury. Not to be put off with this setback, he turned his hand to studying hospitality with particular focus on high-end dining. The rest was history and he sped his way from line cook to management and then owning his own brand of restaurants. His fiery and combative attitude to the dining and the restaurant trade made him a natural for a series of high profile TV shows, further extending his influence, reputation, brand and net worth.

About Gordon Ramsey

As mentioned Ramsey had been scouted as a promising soccer player, playing to a decent standard of at youth team level. Many years later some of his team mates who went on do well for themselves in the game note that his subsequent success is no surprise. They describe him as driven to succeed and of applying himself to everything he put himself towards.

Following doing very well at catering school Ramsey entered the British restaurant scene just at the right time. A country that had for years been the laughing stock of world cuisine suddenly found that there were a number of bright, imaginative young chefs breaking through and introducing new concepts. Gone were the days of stuffy bad dining – Ramsey was one of the leading lights and set about impressing his peers.

Ramsey spent time between England and France while learning under some of the worlds leading names. Yet even still at this stage he was far from a millionaire – indeed after three years in France he chose to take a year out as a private chef aboard a Caribbean based yacht.

Still regarded as a promising restaurateur he was invited back to London where he was named Head Chef of some of the leading destinations in the British capital. His technical excellence was noted for being matched only by his temper, a trait that investors realised would make him a likely success with his own reputation as the key pulling point.

In 1998 Restaurant Gordon Ramsey was unveiled and then Ramsey’s own reputation – and fortune – began to rise as remarkable levels. Booked out and receiving world class reviews, Ramsey opened more restaurants in Europe and even by Japan in 2015.

Yet Gordon Ramsey’s wealth today isn’t all thanks to his restaurants. Make no mistake his 69% share in Gordon Ramsey Holdings is valuable – around $40m. But the real source of his success had been the mushrooming of his reputation. Ramsey’s books alone are regular Christmas bestsellers – his reputation being fostered upon compiling recipes that would challenge the home chef but be certain to delight when the recipe had been followed to the letter (he himself would ask no different in person!).

Ramsey’s TV career started while he was still just a regular chef – admittedly a very good one as some of the best restaurants in the world. In the late ’90s he started to become a national name with brazenly vitriolic appearances on cook shows and competitions. His own shows followed a few years later with Kitchen Nightmares being a runaway UK success follow by similar success with Hell’s Kitchen breaking through also in the US.

As a media figure though, certain aspects of his private life and professional dealings have been exposed. Yet – he’s Gordon Ramsey, and thanks to his brashness he continues to leap from strength to strength. Rumors and occasional legal disputes have also been running in the background, yet apart from the occasional opening that just didn’t work out Ramsey is one of the leading television chefs in the world and there’s little doubt his fortune will continue to grow.