Jack Dorsey Net Worth

Net Worth: $1.9-2.7 Million

  • Full Name: Jack Dorsey
  • Born: 11/19/1976
  • Place of Birth: St. Louis, Missouri
  • Occupation: Computer Programmer and Businessman
  • Marital Status: Single

Jack Dorsey Net Worth History

Jack Dorsey is the chief executive officer and cofounder of Square, Inc. The Forbes real time estimate sets his net worth at $2.2 billion as of August 2015. His financial standing is mostly from Twitter where he owns 3.5 percent. Square has been in the market since 2009 while he helped cofound Twitter in 2006. Additionally, he was the CEO of Twitter until 2008.

He ranks in top 100 among the richest people in technology at position 92. He also ranks 690 worldwide among the list of billionaires and 241 among the U.S. billionaires. He runs both Twitter and Square and has been the provisional CEO of Square since June 2015.

About Jack Dorsey

Jack was born in November 1976 in St. Louis, Missouri. He is the son of Marcia Smith and Tim Dorsey. His father worked in a firm that produced spectrometers and his mother was a home-maker.

He attended New York University but dropped out in 1999. He first worked as a masseur before teaching himself how to program and during his programming projects, Twitter was born. He has been CEO, executive chairman and chairman of the board of Twitter.

Jack is an American citizen who lives in San Francisco. He had passion for programming from an early age. He developed a system to manage dispatch for taxis, delivery vans and other vehicles. He developed Twitter to complement the motor vehicle dispatch software. During his pioneer days, he approached Silicon Valley Company, Odeo, with the idea of Obvious, which is now called Twitter.

Twitter survived through the turbulence of mockery and numerous outages. This site became famous when the celebrities began using it. It was also instrumental during the U.S. presidential campaigns of 2008. It assisted to spread campaign plans. Additionally, Twitter was popularised worldwide with the Iran’s presidential elections of 2009. Twitter was the platform for live updates after other messaging platforms were blocked.

Twitter had an initial public offering in 2008 that largely affected the finances of jack Dorsey positively. Twitter’s stocks were offered at $26 but this went-up to $45 on day one in the market. This was an amazing upward jump on the fortune of Jack Dorsey. A few hours defined the growth of his wealth. His fortune of $23.4 million shares turned to billions.

As of 2010, Twitter boasted of 105 million users worldwide with activities of about 55 million daily. Jack Dorsey further developed the idea of Square from Foursquare. Square allows users to obtain credit card payments using a tiny device that is attachable to their mobile devices.

He first became a billionaire in 2012. In addition, he had made investments in several companies. Some of his investments were to Instagram, Peek, Flipboard, Jelly HQ, FiftyThree, Message Bus, Artsy and Kickstarter.

Jack Dorsey is also considering an IPO for Square. This may be another major boost to Jack Dorsey’s net worth. He received recognition from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2008 for being a great inventor below the age of 35. He is also a receiver of the Wall Street Journal’s Innovator of the Year Award for technology presented in 2012.