Joe Francis net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million

  • Full name: Joseph Francis
  • Birth (04/01/1973)
  • Place of birth: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Occupation: entrepreneur, producer of reality TV shows,
    producer of straight to video / DVD films and shows
  • Marital status: single – has a partner he has not married

Joe Francis net worth history

Joe Francis may, or may not have set to become an entrepreneur yet that is exactly what he has done since the late 1990’s as he started his journey towards amassing a net worth of $50 million.

Joe Francis’ big idea was to find ways of showing things to the American public that were banned from their TV screens either because of falling fowl of broadcasting standards, or clips that the networks deemed to be unsuitable for broadcasting. Scenes such as accidents, extreme violence, or sexually explicit incidents were not been broadcast even on reality TV shows and Francis believed that people wanted to see these things.

Joe Francis’ first job after graduating from university in 1995 was working as a producer for the company Real TV. It was making programs for this company that led him to believe that there was money to be made from putting the parts of the footage filmed for their programs that could not be aired on to VHS video tapes directly to the public. Real TV had made enough money out of the footage they could include in the programs they could broadcast. Joe Francis’ simple idea would go on to make him even more money.

He launched his idea under the banner of Banned From Television, and such was its success that he decided to turn it into a long running franchise, the concept remains the same, except that DVDs have replaced video tapes and the content can be view online now as well.

Banned From Television was, and remains a simple and highly lucrative concept, with a later spin off franchise also bringing in revenue to further boost his own net worth. Money had already been made having the milder clips broadcast on TV, whilst Francis advertised Banned From Television and later Girls Behaving Badly between programs on many of the TV networks.

There was a demand for these videos as people were fascinated enough to view crashes, accidents, and fights that were filmed in public, and were content that such clips were not subject to censorship. By putting the footage directly on to video and later DVD Francis did not have to worry about censorship, or finding a network to broadcast it on.

Francis found that women, especially college girls were frequently filmed either exposing themselves, or performing sexual acts whilst the cameras were rolling. He therefore started to make the Girls Behaving Badly franchise to make even more money. When possible he gets celebrities such as Chelsea Handler to narrate over the DVDs released as part of either franchise.

Facts about Joe Francis

He graduated with a business degree in 1995 and has certainly put the ideas he learned on that course to good use.

Francis does not have any children as yet and he has not previously been married. He does however have a partner called Abby Wilson.